Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The place where I live - Yamagata

I live in Yamagata, which is a small village neighboring southwest Matsumoto city. It has a population of about 8000 people.

There are mountains and houses to the west of the village, and a farming area spreads to the east. There is good nature in this village, and I can look at mountains and the Matsumoto Plain around here on fine, clear days. Autumn colors of mountains and yam farms are also very beautiful.

The weather in Yamagata is similar to Matsumoto's. Yamagata is located a little higher above sea level than Matsumoto city, so the temperature is a little lower than Matsumoto.

Agriculture is the most active industry in this village. There are plenty of farms which produce many kinds of vegetables and fruits, - yams, apples, water melons, soba, and so on. Good things for a lot of people is good farm products, and a beautiful view.

I think the best things about Yamagata village are the comfortable climate and the peace and quiet, and the good location near Matsumoto or Shiojiri city, and the helpfulness of local people. I think this is why the population increased recently.



Eiji said...

I like vegetable and fruit of Yamagata. I sometime go to “Yamagata farmer’s garden”.
This shop is very good. Vegetable and fruit and flower sell it very cheaply.


jim said...


Yamagata sounds like a really pretty place to live. Does it get a lot of snow in winter? I am sure the local markets must be a great place to get cheap, good quality vegetables too!

Good post thanks - any useful links you could include?