Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Anybody can draw

If you have kids - if you teach - if you think you can't.....click here

I always thought I was rubbish at art. When I read today that Tony Hart had died I was genuinely sad. I am still crap at art, but maybe, just maybe, some of you following this link will be inspired and his legacy will live on. If ever there was an understated genius who could inspire children to draw, create and make things it was this lovely, quiet man.

One of the earliest memories I ever have was of the Vision On music, Tony Hart's gallery and the dream that maybe even I cold get a picture in there. It doesn't matter that I didn't...(no, really. I'm over it!). Watching a few clips tonight I remember the "wow factor" that went with his art - so simple, with bits and pieces from the kitchen, and done in no time. What an inspiration.