Friday, 27 February 2009

High Life,Low Life

This book related to an important social problem. 
The United States is found out in a news show everyday.
That's why, 

Would you like to live and work in a city like New York? 
On second thought, "No" now is.

When I was single, I would like to live and work in New York or London.
It seems to be an exciting life.

When I was a university student, I lived in Tokyo. I got tired every day. After that, I would like to live a countryside.  Living or working in a city like New York
seems to be busy life.  High of "High Life" means  that the spirit is enriched.
Now I have gotten High life. 

Nothing but the truth

I read the book title "Nothing but the Truth".
What does the title mean? At first I think.
This story was simple,but I felt this included  deep thought.

What happens after the end of the story?
I would like to imagine it is five years later.
What happened to Hu?

She will find a real herself in five years.This real herself 
is her answer and the truth. Hu will be a doctor and a singer.

I don't have a favourite day

My name is Yuuya. I didn't do my homework so my teacher is not happy. We girls are angry because we did our homework (below). Actually, Yuuya didn't do his homework last week, either.

Mmm. Bad boy. Next week, we will put his photo here if he forgets again. This is his plane, which is really cool. It's a bad boy rocket.

My favourite day

I am Yuhi.
① My favorite day of week is Friday,because mom takes me to library.
② I usually stay in bed until 6.00.Then I have breakfast and read the Bible.After I go to school.
③ I have school lunch in school.After lunch we need to cleaning.
④ In the evening my mom takes me to library.I borrow few funny books.For example Snoopy comic books.

My favourite day

My favourite day

1. My favourite day of the week is Sunday, because during the weekdays
I can't play with my family but on Sunday I can play with my family.

2. I watch T.V. And I eat breakfast, then I do the cram school's homework.

3.I eat lunch at home .And after lunch I practice the violin.

4. In the evening, I go shopping for dinner to supermarket with my mom.
see you tonight. Remi

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Mike's Amazing Adventure - introduction, by Yuya

Once upon a time there was a yellow bird called Mike. He lived in Japan. He was a young bird and he couldn't fly.

One day he called his best friends Thomas and Kim to his garden because he wanted to fly. He couldn't fly but his best friends Thomas and Kim could fly. His house was on top of a hill. Thomas said 'Climb the tree and glide. Then you might be able to fly.' Mike went up the tree and he jumped! He glided, and then crashed to the ground and rolled down the hill. He rolled and he rolled and he rolled and came to the river but he couldn't stop and he couldn't see. So he went into the river, down to the sea. He went to Australia, the Ocean, The Amazon Jungle and Africa. At last he stopped when he crashed into the tree. How could he go back home to Japan?


I selected No.3 of the "after reading".
Etsuko visited Dublin for the weekend and sent you this postcard.
Circle the correct words.
Hello form Dublin
I arrived here on Friday and walked along the river through the centre of town.
I stopped at a pub and drank some of Ireland's famous beer called Guinness. It was black and very strong! Isaw the Post Office, which is famous for Easter Monday, 1916. Then I visited Christchurch College to see Ireland's oldest statue, which is a hundred years old. It was very beautiful. And just near there I took a photo of the statue of Molly Malone selling fish from her wheelbarrow.
Tommorrow I am going to visit the prison of Ireland's President and walk in one of the biggest parks in Europe.
Dublin is a wonderful city!
See you soon,
Hironobu Inada


I read the book about THE USA.

I have been to Hawaii ever, but I have never been to other state of USA. I want to go to Lasvegas and New York, San Francisco. I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon.

I have known about America in detail so I could study about America for this book. I knew that America is very young country and there is a lot of race.

I want to know why America become leader of world countries and why English become most famous language in America.

Someday I will go America. I hope my first visit is not buisiness trip but private trip.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


When I read this book, I firstly knew the USA's History is shorter than other country like Japan, China, England and so on.
There are various people in the USA, In the sixteenth century Europeans started to come to America, A lot of immigrants continued to arrive from all over the world until now.
I understood. I think people have strong pioneering spirits and pioneer to live new land. It's wonderful.
I have been to USA three times. I went to Hawaii, California. I prefer to visit to enormous nature place than big city.
When I went to California, I told a man at the Sacramento restaurant, "Can wee see Rockey mountain range from here?". A man said "You should go to Colorado.". It is 500miles away from here. What huge America! I think I had small thinking.

Information Technology

Q3. How do you feel about computers and information technology?

1. For me, the worst thing about computers is to have to continue learning new things one by one.
2. I like to use  a computer when I enlarge photography and make prints.
3. The worst thing about mobile phone is to receive undesirable e-mails, for example direct mails.
4. I think that buying things on the Internet is a good idea because I can buy nice things which I cannot find in shops at Matsumoto. But the main way of paying money is credit cards is not preferable for me, because I don't like to use credit cards.
5. I think that leaning how to use information technology is important because the one is, we -  parents have to teach our children how to use computers well and not to use for bad things.


Trip to Ireland and England

Last week I went to Ireland and England to visit my daughter.
First I went to Dublin where we enjoyed eating and sightseeing, and we saw some buskers on the street.

We stayed 3 nights at my daughter's house. We had a birthday party for my grandson there. I had lovely days!

Then we went to London for 3 days. We went to Harrods and bought some souvenirs. We also went to Hyde Park, The London Eye and Big Ben. The next day we went to Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, Saint Paul's Cathedral and Covent Garden.
We walked all day. But we enjoyed London.


Q1. Use the clues below to complete this crossword with words from the story.Then find the hidden words in the crossword.
1. What goes around the things that you buy.
2. A light silver-coloured metal.
3. The world we live in.
4. To continue for a time.
5. A strong hard metal.
6. Dangerous to animals and people.
7. A person who designs buildings.
8. A clock or radio can get electricity from this.
9. A metal container for drinks.
10. This country is very good at recycling.
The hidden word are plastic bag.
This book was interesting. People have been recycling in Japan for long time, and we are very good at it. There are words called "Mottainai" in Japan. The paper and the iron are recycling. The clothes are reuse. However, the recycling society doesn't be realized only one country. I think it's important the world country cooperates.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Strong Medicine

After reading
1. What do you think happens to Mark Latto and Sylvia Koning?

Latto stayed in Santa Cruz more 2weeks.
Latto send a e-mail to Dr Alison Partridge asking him about Deborah Spencer's book. They had a meeting about Deborah's idea of treating Parkinson's Disease. Finally, they perfected about healing of Parkinson's Disease, they helped many patients.
After Latto went back to Scotland, Latto and Sylvia send e-mail to each other about not only professionally but also socially. Before long, they got married, they started their own health centre in Latto's home town.

Nagoya - OE training

Last weekend Luna was invited to train a large group of teachers and staff from Meijo University in Nagoya. This was a big honour for us and one we were delighted to accept. Jim spent Saturday and Sunday at Meijo High School in downtown Nagoya, demonstrating how examiners should deliver the speaking tests of KET & PET; how they should manage time, materials, and unexpected situations, and how of course they should assess candidates' performances.

Easily said, but quite a task to bring a room full of teachers together to pool all their experiences and do something 'new'. On Saturday we focused particularly on making sure everyone understood what they were supposed to be doing and how, changing partners regularly and encouraging a free exchange of ideas and opinions (and there were plenty to be expressed!).

On Sunday, we changed things around a bit, to think about the impact the examiner's demeanor and physical performance have on the candidates, not just their spoken delivery of the script. We also thought about the exams from the candidates' perspective, and how the examiner should respond (or not) to manifestations of eg nerves, panic, stage-fright. Examiners were also shown how the new online resource for oral examiners will really make a big difference to their professional development as teachers and as examiners; we practiced using the site and explored the facilities that are now available 24 hours a day, every day of the year - and not just when Jim comes to town!

By the end of two, very intense days of study, a very tired but satisfied (and qualified) group of fresh oral examiners joined our ranks. Most will be examining at KET & PET levels next month, as the university initiates its adoption of Cambridge ESOL examinations. This is a really exciting step, with Luna very much at the forefront.

Jim wants to say well done to all the teachers who attended over the weekend, and to thank the staff at the school for looking after him so nicely. He is looking forward to meeting the next group of new OEs in April.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Lisa in London

After you read:
Q9:Do models have a good job?Why?

Models can trip various country.
They are the center of attraction.
They can wear various clothes.
But they must keep little weight.


When Summer Comes

I would like to think about my favorite and un-favorite characters of this story.
Anna, Stephen, Tristan and Jill, they are all likable personality. I think no one has bad character, so it's difficult to choose the best. Stephen, I feel sympathy for him. He is a normal person and serious a little. He isn't open like Tristan. Therefore, he isn't good at relaxing and enjoying his life to the full. I like something so steady of him.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Picure to Remember

I read this book "A Picture to Remember". I went to Latin America recently, so it was possible to read very interesting.

After Reading
Q2:Which museums or art galleries have you visited? Are there any pictures that you remember very well? Why?

I visited some famous museums, for example, Musee du Louvre and Musee d’Orsay in Paris, and National Gallery and Tate Modern in London, and Kunsthistorsches Museum in Wien, and Museum Modern Art in New York, and The Art Institute of Chicago, and so on. When I visited foreign country, I usually visited museums because I like both paintings and atmosphere of the museum.
In these museums, “La Charmeuse de serpents” painted by Henri Rousseau left the deepest impression for me. It is exhibited in Musee d’Orsay. This painting is very mysterious and fantastic. The woman in this painting is drawn almost in the black, and only eyes are clear. I felt not only beauty but also fear.

High Life, Low Life

It was very interested book. A woman who was rich and another woman who was poor lived in New York and they were connected without knowing more than twenty years!

After reading, Question 2.What do you think about homeless people?

Recently many news tell us, because the economic is downward, many dispatched workers were dismissed, lost their houses and became the homeless. Some city hired some of them as temporary workers. However, the government looks doing nothing. I think the government must help them at first. We don’t need more roads but they need houses and foods by our tax and duty.

On the other hand, I want to say homeless that don’t select your job. Because there are many jobs which need more resources, e.g. farmer, fisher, health care and welfare work for old people etc... Those jobs are very important recently. We need food more safely and must earn by ourselves, not import. Old people will increase in near future. We need worker for those jobs. Then I hope this country will be good enough for all people.


Saturday, 21 February 2009

School system in Japan

In Japan, compulsory education starts when you are 6 years old. Before that, many children go to nursery school or kindergarten. Children go to elementary school which has six grades. At elementary school, children learn basic skills. For example, Japanese, math, science, social studies, music, PE, and so on.

After elementary school, children go to junior high school which has three grades. At junior high school, English classes start. Club activities also start. Until junior high school is compulsory education. Children finish it when they are 15 years old. But most junior high school students go to high school.

To enter high school, students must pass exams. There are five examination subjects (Japanese, math, science, social studies, and English). High school has three grades. There, we can choose subjects which students want to learn.

After high school, some students go to university. To enter university, students must pass exams, too. Students take the national center test for university admission. It has seven or eight examination subjects. University has four grades and students graduate when they are 22 years old. At high school and university, if a student doesn't have a good record, student must do same grade again.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Visit to Rome

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I went to Rome. It was interesting.
In the morning I ate a donut.
Then I listened to music.
I had lunch at my friend's house. I ate spaghetti, and I drank a glass of iced tea.
After lunch I went to the Colosseum with my friend. It's very big.
I had a wonderful time!


Statue of Molly Malone on Grafton Street (Srái...Image via Wikipedia

Guinness Draught in "Tulip" shaped glassImage via Wikipedia
Activities: After reading
Q3. Etsuko visited Dublin for the weekend and send you this postcard. Circle the correct words

Hello form Dublin

I arrived here on Friday and walked along the river through the center of town. I stopped at a pub and drank some of Ireland’s famous beer called Guinness. It was black and very strong! I looked at the Post Office, which is famous for Easter Monday, 1916.
Then I visited Trinity College to see Ireland’s oldest book, which is a thousand years old. It was very beautiful. And just near there I took a photo of the statue of Molly Malone selling fish from her wheelbarrow.
Tomorrow I am going to visit the house of Ireland’s President and walk in one of the biggest parks in Europe.
Dublin is a wonderful city!

See you soon.
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Seasons and Celebrations

I read the book "Seasons and Celebrations".
I understood the means of other country's major celebrations.
I'm happy at national days. Because I can do many of the things my want to do...

I selected(answered) a Q4 of the "After Reading" in this book

Q4:What happens in your country at these times?

1. the beginning of the new year
=>We have rice-cake soup on New Year's Day in Japan. We go to the temple for "Hatsumoude"(New Year's visits to shrines).

2.your national day in Japan
On 1st, Jan.: New year's day
The second Monday on Jan.: Coming of Age day
On 11th,Feb.: Japan's national foundation day
On 20th,Mar.:Spring equinox day
On 29th,Apr.:Day of "Showa"
On 3rd,May:Constitution day
On 4th,May:Greeney day
On 5th,May:Children's day
The third Monday on July:Sea's day
The third Monday on Sep.:Aged people's day
On 23th,Sep.:Autamnal equinox day
The second Monday of Oct.:Health sports day
On 3rd Nov.:Culture day
On 23th Nov.:Labor thanksgiving day
On 23th Dec.:The emperor's birthday

3.Mother's Day
=>We present to our mother some flowers of red color's rose.
Father's Day
=>We present to our father a tie of several color.

4.the change of seasons
- the beginning of spring
=>We reach the next fiscal year at all schools and companies.
-the middle of summer
=>Some school's students enter summer vacation.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Rip Van Winkle

I read the book "Rip Van Winkle and The Legent of Sleepy Hollow". I feel this story very mysterious. Why sleep one night, went 20years!

After reading:Q17 Rip and his daughter sit and talk. What do they say? Write about it.

They met in The Union Hotel. First, she didn't know Rip, didn't understand Rip. But Rip said "I'm your father. I'm Rip Van Winkle". She surprised it!

Rip asked to daughter, "Where's your mother?" , "She's dead", she answered. Then Rip asked to her, "I don't understand. Yesterday, you were a child, and now you're not. Yesterday, I was young, and today I'm old." "It wasn't yesterday. You walked to the mountains in 1770. Now it's 1790. Twenty years! " she answered.

"Where did you go, father?" she asked.

Rip said, "Yesterday, I was in the mountains with my dog. There was strange man there, they played a game and we had many drinks. I closed my eyes. This morning, I opened my eyes and I came home. I only sleep. "

Rip was home again. He lived with her and her family.
I think Rip was happy!


Saturday, 14 February 2009

While I was casting around old favourites to make the Valentine's posting earlier, I nearly got lost in a YouTube vortex!

Must admit I don't venture there too often, but there is an awful lot of fantastic content there. I mean this top ten of Aussie drink ads for a start! After that, have a look at the second set. Good stuff {except the Bundy one which is rubbish. I went to see The British and Irish Lions play Vodafonia (Aus) in Sydney, a series sponsored by Bundabloodyberg Rum and could I get a Bundy and coke? No. Ended up withan extremely crap glass of Bacardi instead. I am sure I have a picture of my brother actually getting that round in somewhere - check the VB add at number 10 for politics of that}

Anyway, just wanted to share some chuckles - I'm in a good mood even if Wales are going to run rings around England in the Six Nations later tonight. Ask me why...

Matsusho High School - a day in the life

I usually get up at seven o'clock in the morning, and I leave home at eight fifteen. I have to wear a uniform, which I like. The lessons start at eight fifty, and I have a break at ten o'clock

I have lunch at school between twelve o'clock and twelve forty. I usually eat onigiri (a rice ball) and talk with my friends about TV.

I have science lessons three times a week, but I don't like it because it isn't interesting. My favorite lesson is PE, which I have on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I am good at tennis.

The lessons finish at three thirty, and I go home by bicycle. It takes about twenty minutes. After school I do homework for two hours. I hardly ever use a computer. I have some important exams next month and in April.

Valentine's Day - stuck for ideas?

It is not easy being a guy. It is a jungle out there - all the "giri choco" and no romance...White Day going to be too expensive. Alternative ideas to woo the special one (recommend you click on the commercial on the right for maximum results). Don't delay gents, do it today!

If you fancy a swanky restaurant, you will need this. If you are a bit of a stuntman, you might want to try something more adventurous. Take her some where nice, set the mood, surprise her; this method might work.

And ladies, you can always help - tart yourself up a bit, set the trap with ****

All the best advice from Luna - the house of love!

Friday, 13 February 2009


On 30 April 1986, Swedish scientists reported that radiation level are rising to dangerous. In western Europe, a lot of observation points reported same result. At present, the cause is uncertain. The scientist is speeding up the analysis. They analysis a lot of data from many observation points report and the wind. We must wait a few days until the result comes out. Some scientists guesses that it is an accident of a nuclear plant or an atomic bomb. We only wish not to become a big disaster.

Seasons and Celebrations

Notting Hill Carnival 2006 (London)Image via Wikipedia
While Reading question: Read Chapters 10 and 11, then complete the sentences with these words.

1.The Notting Hill Carnival is in London at the end of August. Immigrants from the Caribbean began it in the 1960s. About a million people come to see it every year.
2.The biggest Chinatown in the USA is in San Francisco. A lot of Chinese immigrants live there.
3.Jesus was born about two thousand years ago in Bethlehem People remember that special time at Christmas.
4.At Christmas, people send cards and presents to their friends and families. They sing carols and put decorations in their houses.

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Royalty visit Luna

Or so you might be lead to believe. Look at those beautiful crowns! Can you spot the diamonds and pearls? Not to mention the most wonderful variety of circles, squares, triangles, hearts and stars! Well done kids - a sterling effort!

Seasonal Poems, translated by Minemura

These poems have been taken from the NHK poetry program:

1) Uchiwamote Tsumanijizaini Ayatsurare
My wife is making a cool breeze for me with the fan. I feel very comfortable to have it in the living room. It's so nice that I think that I feel that I am a person of gentle nature, like a good child of her. I'm happy that she handles me at her will.

2)Nemureru wo Uchiwano Kazega Mamoriwori
It's a hot afternoon. Mother's fanning her baby. A gentle breeze is blowing to her. It seems to protect and keep the baby's health and happiness.

3)Henahenano Uchiwade Aogu Yazizakana
I am now baking a fish by fanning a charcoal fire. The fan is very old and worn out. But it can help make the fire well by fanning it.

My favourite haiku is number 3. I think this fan is very old and already worn out(like me!) This writer gives the old fan practice. The fan is very useful for baking fish by charcoal, not by grilling. Maybe the fan isn't welcome by the children or guests at the dining room because there everything is clean and new. There they will throw it away.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Great Crimes

After reading
2. Here are two reports about the arrests of Oswald and Ponzi. Complete the reports with the words below.

John F. Kennedy was shot as his car drove past the Texas Book Depository. Not long after the shooting, a policeman, J.D.Tippit, stopped a man on the street. The man shot the policeman and ran away. Later, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for murdering Tippit. Then a gun belonging to Oswald was found in the Texas Book Depository, and Oswald was arrested again – this time for killing the president.

The well-known businessman Charles Ponzi was arrested in Boston today. Police went to the office of Ponzi’s business, the Securities Exchange Company, which has been taking thousands of dollars a day from excited investors, and took him away for questioning. After the arrest a number of investors said that they refused to believe that Ponzi had done anything wrong. ‘He paid me exactly what he promised,’ said one, ‘so I invested it all again. He will take care of us, I’m sure.’

I was a kindergarten kid, when there was the JFK assassination. My parents were surprised at that news from TV. But I didn't understand the meaning of news at all. There were a lot of theories, in the reason for the assassination. I don't think this event was solved.

The Lahti File

Larti File
Q6. Write chapter 15. What will happen next?
Chapter 15 Happy End
Since then, 1 year had passed. Munro was smiling to Sirpa Lappalainen, and Sirpa wore a wedding dress because today was their wedding ceremony.
Munro gave over the work of spy since the incident had finished. And now, they lived together in Finland and worked on a farm happily.
After the ceremony, they would go Japan on their honeymoon trip. And they would go to famous hot spring, for example Beppu, Kusatsu, Shirahone and so on. Of course , they would not take a sauna. Have a good honeymoon trip Munro and Sirpa and have a happy new life.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

YLE - certificate awards ceremony

Last Saturday afternoon we awarded certificates to our students who took their Cambridge ESOL Young Learners (YLE) exams late last year. On that occasion we had candidates taking Starters as well as Movers at Luna, and it was a pleasure to be able to hand out certificates finally.

We have been doing this since 2000, and I do not get tired of seeing our students puff up with pride when they get their marks back. I'd say nearly all of them do better than they expected; regardless of their achievement, they all get a certificate anyway which is great. Parents also get the chance to see that their children are making progress, with this first step or two in their English-learning careers. This, after all, is an international award, which measures English abilities in all FOUR skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) - and is exactly the same test that kids would have taken in Japan, Argentina, Greece, Finland or Thailand. The test results therefore add a lot of weight to our objectives in teaching children to not only communicate effectively but to 'learn to learn'.

What helps our students do well?
  • Good, patient teaching with an eye to long-term development
  • showing young learners how to build words phonetically
  • empowering kids to break down long words into readable 'chunks'
  • extensive reading - our students read a lot and are at ease with texts
  • a natural understanding of grammar, which is not bashed into them but constantly recycled and refreshed
  • encouragement to try - making mistakes along the way is all part of the fun
  • small classes with a teacher paying attention to students' particular learning needs & styles
  • flexible curriculum and wealth of resources to inspire and intrigue learners
  • develop themes & ideas which come up in class with immediate online access
And so much more - come and see us if you want to hear the whole sales pitch!

Anyway, Saturday was all about applauding our stellar students who had a go. Congratulations from me - proud school owner & teacher. On this occasion I was wearing my hat as an Examiner Trainer too, hence the tie. Well done all of you - next level up in November, yes!

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Friday, 6 February 2009


I was not interest in commerce before reading this book. I could understand commerce, currency and the stocks of the world a little. Now world trading condition is most bad.
I think that these will go good in the near future, because a government all over the world is going measures. I hope that our life and job are keeping.
I had interest about commerce. I will study it. I want to do trading if I had extra money. But I don’t have extra money…


Thursday, 5 February 2009

Within High Fences

What do you think happened to George and Nancy next?

I think they stayed very happy in George's country to might be not enough of money but full of their pure love. Then, they worked together. Nancy wrote the book based on the photograph that he had taken.

Jojo's Story

No.5:Jojo's story is like a journey through life. At the beginning, Jojo is only a child and doesn't know the answers to his questions.At the end, he feels like a man. How does Jojo change through his experiences in the book?


At the beginning, Jojo reminded about the killed families, friends and neighbors when he lonely left at him village.But, he spent/spoke with Chris, doctor, and soldgers, then he understood about the thing of war, his village(hometown), and his around situations.At the same time, he was loved by around soldgers and he gradually grow up from child to adult.Still he continuously missed/loved about his hometown and his families(ghosts) from below sentence.

"Jojo will study and then he'll make money, and he'll make lots of money and come back and build his village again."

Therefore, he thought keep(protect) him by himself then he had an old gun.

=>As a result, at the end of story, I think he became turned his feeling from for himself to for others I think it same mean change from child to man.


Hironobu Inada

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Q4. What can we do about plastic bags? Here are some ideas. Discuss which are the best, and give your reasons.

a) Give shoppers a recycling bag which they can use again and again.
b) Make shoppers pay for plastic bags.
c) Use bags made from recycling material.
d) Make supermarkets pay for recycling plastic bags.
e) Make it easy for shoppers to recycle old plastic bags.
f) Give shoppers a small amount of money when they use their own bags.

I think c) is the best way in a consumer's position, by the way I got this bag by a).
However, I often forget to bring it when going to shopping.
Some (or many?) supermarkets adopt the item f) by giving stamps for discount in future. It is glad frankly as one of service, but it might not be essence for recycling.

The USA - Factfile

I would like to visit to Hawaii, because I like watching fishes and living things in the sea. There are many fishes in the island and they are really beautiful colors and various kinds. The island is one of the best island to stay for holiday in the USA. I hope to visit there in the future.

Information Technology - Factfile

I read this book about Information Technology.

I am surprised a evolution of information technology. When I am high school student, there are no mobile phone and no mobile PC, no car navigation system. Our life became very convinient.

Probably Information technology was evolved more and more. I think that student won't use notebook and pencil and textbook in the future. I think that they will use mobile PC for their studies in the future.

I think the robot is increased more and more. They will be able to drive a car and to speak language, to think theirselves. I would like to see they do them. I am looking forward to do them.

Two Lives

I think it's the best book I've so far read as the English class's homework.
To tell the truth, I didn't like love story, but I recently prefer such a sad love story. I can feel characters.
Does that means I'm eager to have such a passionate love in my own life?

Q8: Write a letter from Megan to Paul, saying that she has decided to marry Huw.

Dear Paul

I'm very sorry I have to tell you that dreadful things, but I must say that I can't marry you.
I know you are so wonderful. I really dreamed of happy life with you.
I loved you very much, and still loving.

However, things have changed at once since Huw came back to my life.
I couldn't help thinking of him every second.
After all, I has decided to go to Toronto with him, and marry him.
It seems that my love in my youth was so strong that even fifty years couldn't break it.

I know it cannot possibly be forgivable thing, but I would be glad if you accepted my faithlessness.

I hope you will be happy.