Thursday, 26 February 2009

Mike's Amazing Adventure - introduction, by Yuya

Once upon a time there was a yellow bird called Mike. He lived in Japan. He was a young bird and he couldn't fly.

One day he called his best friends Thomas and Kim to his garden because he wanted to fly. He couldn't fly but his best friends Thomas and Kim could fly. His house was on top of a hill. Thomas said 'Climb the tree and glide. Then you might be able to fly.' Mike went up the tree and he jumped! He glided, and then crashed to the ground and rolled down the hill. He rolled and he rolled and he rolled and came to the river but he couldn't stop and he couldn't see. So he went into the river, down to the sea. He went to Australia, the Ocean, The Amazon Jungle and Africa. At last he stopped when he crashed into the tree. How could he go back home to Japan?

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