Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Strong Medicine

After reading
1. What do you think happens to Mark Latto and Sylvia Koning?

Latto stayed in Santa Cruz more 2weeks.
Latto send a e-mail to Dr Alison Partridge asking him about Deborah Spencer's book. They had a meeting about Deborah's idea of treating Parkinson's Disease. Finally, they perfected about healing of Parkinson's Disease, they helped many patients.
After Latto went back to Scotland, Latto and Sylvia send e-mail to each other about not only professionally but also socially. Before long, they got married, they started their own health centre in Latto's home town.

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  1. Recently a major drugs firm decided to stop charging so much for its retro-virus medicines which are essential in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Africa particularly.

    I think this move is well overdue and a moral outrage to have been perpetuated so long.

    One of my favourite books (the movie wasn't so good) was "The Constant Gardener". It dealt with similar issues as this book.

    Good posting - see you in class this week.



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