Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Great Crimes

After reading
2. Here are two reports about the arrests of Oswald and Ponzi. Complete the reports with the words below.

John F. Kennedy was shot as his car drove past the Texas Book Depository. Not long after the shooting, a policeman, J.D.Tippit, stopped a man on the street. The man shot the policeman and ran away. Later, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for murdering Tippit. Then a gun belonging to Oswald was found in the Texas Book Depository, and Oswald was arrested again – this time for killing the president.

The well-known businessman Charles Ponzi was arrested in Boston today. Police went to the office of Ponzi’s business, the Securities Exchange Company, which has been taking thousands of dollars a day from excited investors, and took him away for questioning. After the arrest a number of investors said that they refused to believe that Ponzi had done anything wrong. ‘He paid me exactly what he promised,’ said one, ‘so I invested it all again. He will take care of us, I’m sure.’

I was a kindergarten kid, when there was the JFK assassination. My parents were surprised at that news from TV. But I didn't understand the meaning of news at all. There were a lot of theories, in the reason for the assassination. I don't think this event was solved.