Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jojo's Story

No.5:Jojo's story is like a journey through life. At the beginning, Jojo is only a child and doesn't know the answers to his questions.At the end, he feels like a man. How does Jojo change through his experiences in the book?


At the beginning, Jojo reminded about the killed families, friends and neighbors when he lonely left at him village.But, he spent/spoke with Chris, doctor, and soldgers, then he understood about the thing of war, his village(hometown), and his around situations.At the same time, he was loved by around soldgers and he gradually grow up from child to adult.Still he continuously missed/loved about his hometown and his families(ghosts) from below sentence.

"Jojo will study and then he'll make money, and he'll make lots of money and come back and build his village again."

Therefore, he thought keep(protect) him by himself then he had an old gun.

=>As a result, at the end of story, I think he became turned his feeling from for himself to for others I think it same mean change from child to man.


Hironobu Inada