Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Information Technology - Factfile

I read this book about Information Technology.

I am surprised a evolution of information technology. When I am high school student, there are no mobile phone and no mobile PC, no car navigation system. Our life became very convinient.

Probably Information technology was evolved more and more. I think that student won't use notebook and pencil and textbook in the future. I think that they will use mobile PC for their studies in the future.

I think the robot is increased more and more. They will be able to drive a car and to speak language, to think theirselves. I would like to see they do them. I am looking forward to do them.

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jim said...


There's a really good podcast about the 25th anniversary of Apple's first computer - the MacIntosh...find it on iTunes, the release date was January 25th, and the show was Guardian Unlimited "Tech Weekly". Please tell your friends - I was fascinated. For example, I never knew Apple "stole" the idea of icons for applications/windows from XeroX - did you?

Listen and enjoy for free :) Jim