Thursday, 19 February 2009

Seasons and Celebrations

I read the book "Seasons and Celebrations".
I understood the means of other country's major celebrations.
I'm happy at national days. Because I can do many of the things my want to do...

I selected(answered) a Q4 of the "After Reading" in this book

Q4:What happens in your country at these times?

1. the beginning of the new year
=>We have rice-cake soup on New Year's Day in Japan. We go to the temple for "Hatsumoude"(New Year's visits to shrines).

2.your national day in Japan
On 1st, Jan.: New year's day
The second Monday on Jan.: Coming of Age day
On 11th,Feb.: Japan's national foundation day
On 20th,Mar.:Spring equinox day
On 29th,Apr.:Day of "Showa"
On 3rd,May:Constitution day
On 4th,May:Greeney day
On 5th,May:Children's day
The third Monday on July:Sea's day
The third Monday on Sep.:Aged people's day
On 23th,Sep.:Autamnal equinox day
The second Monday of Oct.:Health sports day
On 3rd Nov.:Culture day
On 23th Nov.:Labor thanksgiving day
On 23th Dec.:The emperor's birthday

3.Mother's Day
=>We present to our mother some flowers of red color's rose.
Father's Day
=>We present to our father a tie of several color.

4.the change of seasons
- the beginning of spring
=>We reach the next fiscal year at all schools and companies.
-the middle of summer
=>Some school's students enter summer vacation.