Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Two Lives

I think it's the best book I've so far read as the English class's homework.
To tell the truth, I didn't like love story, but I recently prefer such a sad love story. I can feel characters.
Does that means I'm eager to have such a passionate love in my own life?

Q8: Write a letter from Megan to Paul, saying that she has decided to marry Huw.

Dear Paul

I'm very sorry I have to tell you that dreadful things, but I must say that I can't marry you.
I know you are so wonderful. I really dreamed of happy life with you.
I loved you very much, and still loving.

However, things have changed at once since Huw came back to my life.
I couldn't help thinking of him every second.
After all, I has decided to go to Toronto with him, and marry him.
It seems that my love in my youth was so strong that even fifty years couldn't break it.

I know it cannot possibly be forgivable thing, but I would be glad if you accepted my faithlessness.

I hope you will be happy.

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