Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Q4. What can we do about plastic bags? Here are some ideas. Discuss which are the best, and give your reasons.

a) Give shoppers a recycling bag which they can use again and again.
b) Make shoppers pay for plastic bags.
c) Use bags made from recycling material.
d) Make supermarkets pay for recycling plastic bags.
e) Make it easy for shoppers to recycle old plastic bags.
f) Give shoppers a small amount of money when they use their own bags.

I think c) is the best way in a consumer's position, by the way I got this bag by a).
However, I often forget to bring it when going to shopping.
Some (or many?) supermarkets adopt the item f) by giving stamps for discount in future. It is glad frankly as one of service, but it might not be essence for recycling.