Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Q1. Use the clues below to complete this crossword with words from the story.Then find the hidden words in the crossword.
1. What goes around the things that you buy.
2. A light silver-coloured metal.
3. The world we live in.
4. To continue for a time.
5. A strong hard metal.
6. Dangerous to animals and people.
7. A person who designs buildings.
8. A clock or radio can get electricity from this.
9. A metal container for drinks.
10. This country is very good at recycling.
The hidden word are plastic bag.
This book was interesting. People have been recycling in Japan for long time, and we are very good at it. There are words called "Mottainai" in Japan. The paper and the iron are recycling. The clothes are reuse. However, the recycling society doesn't be realized only one country. I think it's important the world country cooperates.

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