Monday, 25 July 2016

Famous food and drink in south of France

 In the south of France,They eat a lot of potherb and herb with olive oil, for example ratatouille, salad Nicouise, and quiche of spinach too.

The most of famous seafood dish is Bouilla baisse, They also have salmon terrine and oysters.

They often eats dessert, lemon tart, chocolate mousse and cherry clafouti, of all others vanilla souffle is so delicious!

The traditional aperitif is pastis, It made of herb and spice extract, aniseed and so on.
They drinks a lot of champagne and wine as well.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Taketorimonogatari - a Japanese Fairy Story

My fairy story

Tell the story of a fairy tale from your country

There is a famous fairy story, which called Taketorimonogatari.

We dont know who wrote it and when its written exactly. People assume that itwritten in 10th century.

Once there was a husband and a wife. They didnt have a child. One day, the husband went to bamboo forest, and found glowing bamboo. The husband cut the bamboo. Surprisingly, there was a cute girl sleeping in the bamboo.
The husband brought the girl to his house. The wife was pleased to see her, and they decided to raise her as their child. They named her Kaguya, and raised her with caution. Kaguya grew up rapidly like bamboo, and she became beautiful girl. As time goes by, many kings hear that there is a beautiful girl called Kaguya, and so many kings come over to Kaguyas house to propose her. However, Kaguya didnt want to marry any of kings. Five kings were persistent, and Kaguya asked one impossible favor to each man. The favor is to bring a Buddhas base, bring an immortals tree, bring a fire-mouse skin, bring the ball of dragon neck, and bring a shell of swallow.
Each man brought fake, but Kaguya detected the lie, and those men had to say good bye to her. About the same time, she told the husband and the wife that she came from moon. She was sad, but soldier from moon came for Kaguya, and she went back to moon.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Postcard from....Tokyo

Puppet-master Jim
Hi everyone, and sorry to all our Saturday students (I have not seen you for ages!)

This weekend I have been busy in Tokyo, training teachers in Ikebukuro to become speaking examiners for Young Learners & also First Certificate. As you know, these are exams we have been offering at Luna for many years now - we will be holding YLE again in October, FCE in December.

Only experienced and professional teachers are eligible to undertake the training, and even then are required to re-certify annually.

So we should congratulate our Damian, who completed all the training necessary to become an SE for Starters, Movers and Flyers (to add to FCE, CAE & CPE levels he acquired recently).  We are proud to encourage our staff to develop their professional skills, and grateful of the time & effort this has required. I am sure Damian will be transferring his examiner skills into his classes immediately.

Damian in training - YLE Starters
Of course, I found a nice pub. This time the Tap Room in Takadanobaba, part of the very good Baird Brew group. A healthy variety of craft beers but a daft ordering/billing system; I guess if you drink enough, the inconvenience is overcome. A very pleasant evening cutting with new teacher/examiner colleagues form Australia, the Philippines, UK, USA, and Canada....ironically nearly everyone actually living in Gifu. Must go there soon!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Postcard from...Bulli, New South Wales (Australia).

Hi everyone,
Mrs. Turner's wonderful class

Maybe you noticed that Eleanor has not been around lately? Actually, she has spent a whole school term at a primary school near Sydney, with her cousin Joe. She has been 'home staying' with her four cousins, and her Aussie aunt & uncle (except they're both English!).

I took an extra day away from Luna (June 29) to arrive early, and surprise my little girl...we had a wonderful reunion at her bus stop, coming home from school. I got to meet her classmates - they had a lovely goodbye party for her on their last day of term. A very cheerful & chatty bunch of bright faces, shepherded by Mrs. Turner, who has been her teacher and overseen quite a transformation!

Last soccer practice with coach Mark
Before flying back, we had a big family reunion (my mum, my cousins and all their children - 19 of us in a local pizza restaurant) and time for a weekend of sport. Eleanor played her last football match for Woonoona and had to say good bye to her very best "bestie", and shared the goalkeeping gloves with cousin Joe. Lovely buzz around the mixed team, even though they were well-beaten. I went to support cousin Louis play rugby union in a floodlit U15 game, and Uncle Mike play in a 'seniors' league fixture (football) - very good standard & very fit. Memo to self....
Fish 'n' chips in Shellharbour

Long walks on the beach, fish & chips, family dinners - all squeezed into an extended weekend. Delighted to have my girl back; an amazing episode in all our lives. Homestay in 2017, anyone?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Viking lifestyle - ice hotels

I am very interested in ICE HOTEL in Switzerland and Finland.
All things in this hotel are made by ICE.
Lodger can do all things as usual, but all tools are made by ICE.

  • Sit iced sofa to rest 
  • Sleep at iced bed 
  • Eat meals at iced table and chair 
  • Talk at iced bar and drink alcohol using iced glass 
  • Take a bath surrounded in ICE 

All furniture are made by ICE, but lodger doesn’t feel cold. But if lodger wants to get all warmed up, lodger can take a sauna bath made by ICE only for 15 min. When a lodger take a sauna bath, the ice width of sauna bath will reduce by 5mm.

I want to try how I can sleep at iced bed. Lodger doesn’t lie directly on Iced bed and some fur skin from serow protect the lodger from the coldness of iced bed. So, I want to experience how effect the fur skin from serow has.

And I have another reason that I am very interested in ICE HOTEL. Switzerland and Finland are one of counties where alive with aurora.

ICE HOTEL is made by ICE and it means there are many translucent sites. During lodger stays in ICE HOTEL, lodger can see aurora inside the hotel.

When aurora appears, lodger can go to outside to see aurora more clearly.

Postcard from...Hiroshima

Where are we now?!
Hi everyone.

I have been away for the weekend (June 25-6) in Hiroshima. I have never been here before, but have always wanted to visit. Attending the second JALT EBM of the year here was a very good excuse - but of course I was very busy most of the day times in meetings & talking to teachers from all over the country (and introducing our Damian to people - did you know he is the PR guy for Shinshu Chapter?)

On Saturday evening, we managed to find a pub that was going to show the third & final rugby test match between England & Australia. I really wanted to see England make it a 'whitewash'. I was not disappointed, and was smiling from ear to ear (Kilkennys helped) by bedtime.
Thousands of Cranes for Peace

On Sunday afternoon, meetings finished, we tore off to Miyajima and the amazing temple there. Wasn't sure what to expect, but would have been impressed regardless. Wonderful structure, incredibly peaceful, and a very calming sunset sitting on the sea wall. A ridiculously overpriced & snobby craft beer pub annoyed us, but a standing-up steak bar/restaurant was divine!

Monday morning was an all too brief look around the Peace Park - President Obama was here a few weeks ago - which was ground zero one innocent August morning in 1945. In a flash the world changed; impossible to imagine & overwhelming in scale. The A Dome is an iconic image/symbol which is being reinforced to stand testimony even if an earthquake hits the city. 

Where the world changed
I am very glad I finally managed to visit this clean, organised and happy city. I love the trams, and the vibrant city finally enjoying a successful baseball season too.

Sorry it took a while to post this postcard :)


Monday, 18 July 2016

Musically inspired postcards - Reiko

Dear my brother

All my family is fine and happy. Now we stay in Karuizawa. And we are camping. And my family and our friend's family have rice party there.

We are very happy. Rice ball is good. And other food and wine are good too.

Please come to rice party next time. We would like to join your family.

See you again.

From Reiko

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Musically inspired postcards - Yoko

Dear Damian

I have holiday one week from yesterday. This letter is from Hawaii island.

Today I went to beach with boyfriend. Weather was sunny and sea was blue and clear.

We enjoy our vacation. I will buy souviner for you.

See you

From Yoko

Friday, 15 July 2016

Musically inspired postcards - Misuzu

Dear Damian

I am holiday now. I am staying Hawaii. I am lying on the sea side and looking the festival. Everyone's dancing.  girl is running to a boy with flowers.

I am very happy when I watch them.

See you soon


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Musically inspired postcards - Misako

Music can be a great teaching tool, and it's something that I don't use enough of with my adult classes. Music can spark imagery, feelings and emotions, which was what I was aiming for with this lesson. The first step was to draw a picture while listening to a song (a upbeat little number by Musical Youth, chosen intentionally to inspire a summery beach scene), jotting down whatever came to mind while the tune played. Every 30 seconds we paused the song and passed our picture (key here being on OUR not MY) onto the person next to us, evolving the picture every so slightly with each iteration. After the song had played it's course, we were left with 4 unique postcards.

The next stage was to imagine yourself as part of the scenery, and to send a postcard home describing what you're doing, how you feel and what is going on around you. To get a feel for each picture, everyone took turns describing the postcard, and how they felt whilst listening to song. This allowed everyone to collect some ideas before putting pen to paper. 

Although all the picture share some a common style and contents, each one has it's own twist and interpretation. It would be a fun experiment with the type of music students listen to and observe the differences!

Dear Damian

I am staying in a southern island now. The weather is fine and people look very happy. Little children
are playing together outside. They don't need any toys.

I am now relaxing and feeling all my stress go away.

See you soon!!


Friday, 8 July 2016

The Quest - places to visit in Thailand

I had been to Thailand once and I recommend to visit “Phi Phi islands.

Phi Phi islands are approx.. 90 min. boarding from Phuket and consist of 6 small islands.

  1. Phi Phi Don
  2. Phi Phi Leh
  3. Bida Nok
  4. Bida Nai
  5. Phai is called Bamboo Island
  6. Young is called Mosquito island and is inhabited to enter

The major islands are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh with Maya Bay island which became famous by the movie "The Beach".

All of beach of Phi Phi islands are very very beautiful and all travelers can relax and refresh well by unbelievable nice view.

Especially, I recommend to visit Maya Bay in Phi Phi Leh island where can see more beautiful emerald green sea and to enjoy scuba diving to see tropical fishes and shelf of coral though I didn’t do it.

Also, Thailand has many famous/delicious foods.

Some foods may strange for Japanese and the food called “Tom Yam Kung” is not good for me, but is will be good experience/memory for traveler.

I think it is important to take many photos to remember Thailand after traveler goes back to home country, but I would like all travelers to see beautiful views actually to engrave those beautiful views and experiences in traveler’s mind’s eye.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Apollo 13 and our dependence on computers

Jim Lovell has to fly the ship without the computer and the feels good about it. Do computers do too many things for us these days?

Yes, I think so. Recently, I found I have messy writing in Japanese. This is not only for happening in Japanese but for the foreign languages such as English and Chinese. And I also found that I forget how to write the English spell and Chinese characters in English and Chinese. I realized that this is because that we almost always use computer or smart phone to input the characters. When we input the word, it is automatically corrected or gives us the notice in case the spelling is wrong, then we can correct the word with just one click, or sometimes they tell us next word by predicting function. These are good and useful functions to improve our life but I felt a bit afraid that our ability has been degenerated in exchange of convenience. I think it is necessary to use our original ability of “Writing” to avoid any degeneracy so that we can keep writing clear and will not be in trouble in case we don’t have smart phone or computer every moment.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

After reading_King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table

Merlin does email
Write an email from Merlin in his cave, to King Arthur at Camelot

To Arthur,

You may be surprising to see my email. I am now in a dark cave as I mentioned to you before I left your place. I cannot go out this cave, but I still can send some emails to you until the time comes.

First of all, I know you want to know who let me in this cave. It is Lady Vivien. She is still young and believes in her magic power too much. She thinks she has now the greatest and strongest magic in the world without me. I taught her all my magic so that she can help you. My magic can guide her even after I die. So, I will make sure she won’t hurt you.

Second, you will miss me sometimes in future. I took care of you for a long time so that you can be a great brave king. You are now our best king in our country. However, when you are in any trouble and think you need my help, please come to the lake where the Lady of Lake gave you Excalibur. It is a magic lake and you can see the dead people if necessary. But, remember there is only one chance to see me. So, please think carefully if you really need my help.

Lastly, I love you very much. I have been with you since you were born in this world. You will be the greatest king all over the world. As long as you are the king, the people in this country can live happily. Please be kind to all people in the country.


Apollo 13 - the Ken Mattingly story

Ken Mattingly did not fly with Apollo 13.  Write about his NASA career after this mission.

After the mission, Ken Mattingly flew on the Apollo 16 as Command Module Pilot from April 16 to 27, 1972.  Apollo 16 was assigned to collect samples from the lunar highlands near the crater Descartes.  Ken carried out an extravehicular activity to retrieve film and data packages from the science bay on the side of the service module.  Apollo 16 accomplished all major objectives although the mission was terminated one day early due to concern over several spacecraft malfunctions.

After the turn to Earth, Ken worked as head of astronaut office support to the STS (Shuttle Transportations System) program and technical assistant for flight test to the Manager of the Orbital Flight Test Program.  He flew on the STS-4 (the fourth and final orbital test flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia) as the pilot from June 27 to July 4, 1982 and completed 112 orbits of the Earth.  He saluted President Ronald Reagan after the landing.  Then he also flew on the STS-51-C (the first Space Shuttle Department of Defense) to deploy a modified Inertial Upper Stage vehicle from the Space Shuttle Discovery from January 24 to 27, 1985.

After those missions, he retired from NASA in 1985.  He logged 7,200 hours of flight time.  In his career at NASA, he received twelve awards like the NASA Distinguished Service Medal which was the highest award.

Is there nothing that we as individuals can do prevent climate change?

We often have unusual weather these days, for example heat wave, drought, flood and so on. A mount of ice in the Arctic Circle is starting melt. The cause must be global warming. It can be serious problem for the earth and animals. Extreme weather also damages to agriculture, living environment. This is a huge issue, but I believe we as individuals can do prevent clime change.

There are several things we can do, for example, keep the temperature about 28°C when you use a air conditioner, use public transportation instead of driving a car, turn off the TV, read books. It looks small thing but most of us do this, it will have an effect.

Another thing we can do is to use renewable energy, for example, wind power generation, small hydroelectric generation, and solar power generation so on. Massive energy is necessary to our contemporary life. For this reason, we need to think about how to use energy and what sort of energy we should use. We need to  try to reduce exhaust gas, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are actually most important thing.

Global warming, clime change, they are big problems. It seems there is noting we can do, but actually doing small things every individually in our life is most important I suppose.
By Teruki Matsumoto