Friday, 22 July 2016

Postcard from....Tokyo

Puppet-master Jim
Hi everyone, and sorry to all our Saturday students (I have not seen you for ages!)

This weekend I have been busy in Tokyo, training teachers in Ikebukuro to become speaking examiners for Young Learners & also First Certificate. As you know, these are exams we have been offering at Luna for many years now - we will be holding YLE again in October, FCE in December.

Only experienced and professional teachers are eligible to undertake the training, and even then are required to re-certify annually.

So we should congratulate our Damian, who completed all the training necessary to become an SE for Starters, Movers and Flyers (to add to FCE, CAE & CPE levels he acquired recently).  We are proud to encourage our staff to develop their professional skills, and grateful of the time & effort this has required. I am sure Damian will be transferring his examiner skills into his classes immediately.

Damian in training - YLE Starters
Of course, I found a nice pub. This time the Tap Room in Takadanobaba, part of the very good Baird Brew group. A healthy variety of craft beers but a daft ordering/billing system; I guess if you drink enough, the inconvenience is overcome. A very pleasant evening cutting with new teacher/examiner colleagues form Australia, the Philippines, UK, USA, and Canada....ironically nearly everyone actually living in Gifu. Must go there soon!

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