Monday, 4 July 2016

Apollo 13 and our dependence on computers

Jim Lovell has to fly the ship without the computer and the feels good about it. Do computers do too many things for us these days?

Yes, I think so. Recently, I found I have messy writing in Japanese. This is not only for happening in Japanese but for the foreign languages such as English and Chinese. And I also found that I forget how to write the English spell and Chinese characters in English and Chinese. I realized that this is because that we almost always use computer or smart phone to input the characters. When we input the word, it is automatically corrected or gives us the notice in case the spelling is wrong, then we can correct the word with just one click, or sometimes they tell us next word by predicting function. These are good and useful functions to improve our life but I felt a bit afraid that our ability has been degenerated in exchange of convenience. I think it is necessary to use our original ability of “Writing” to avoid any degeneracy so that we can keep writing clear and will not be in trouble in case we don’t have smart phone or computer every moment.

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