Sunday, 24 July 2016

Taketorimonogatari - a Japanese Fairy Story

My fairy story

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There is a famous fairy story, which called Taketorimonogatari.

We dont know who wrote it and when its written exactly. People assume that itwritten in 10th century.

Once there was a husband and a wife. They didnt have a child. One day, the husband went to bamboo forest, and found glowing bamboo. The husband cut the bamboo. Surprisingly, there was a cute girl sleeping in the bamboo.
The husband brought the girl to his house. The wife was pleased to see her, and they decided to raise her as their child. They named her Kaguya, and raised her with caution. Kaguya grew up rapidly like bamboo, and she became beautiful girl. As time goes by, many kings hear that there is a beautiful girl called Kaguya, and so many kings come over to Kaguyas house to propose her. However, Kaguya didnt want to marry any of kings. Five kings were persistent, and Kaguya asked one impossible favor to each man. The favor is to bring a Buddhas base, bring an immortals tree, bring a fire-mouse skin, bring the ball of dragon neck, and bring a shell of swallow.
Each man brought fake, but Kaguya detected the lie, and those men had to say good bye to her. About the same time, she told the husband and the wife that she came from moon. She was sad, but soldier from moon came for Kaguya, and she went back to moon.