Wednesday, 20 April 2016

After reading - The Year of Sharing

The Happy Ending
We leave Richard in a dangerous situation. He survives - how does he do it?

It is the end of my life, I thought.  The wolves were waiting and I had nowhere to hide any more.  But, at the same time, I was happy to be sacrificed for my deer family.  They didn't talk much like human being, but I could feel the family closer than my real family.  The deer father thought how he can keep the family out of danger.  He didn’t talk, but I could feel his big love by his attitude.  The deer mother always made a little noise to me and kept asking me “where are you?”.  I was her baby and she watched me softly.  I liked brother and baby, too.  I liked playing with them.  All those memories came to my head and I cried aloud.  I really wanted to meet my deer family again.

The next morning, the gang of wolves were still there. I was tired and hungry, and the wolves looked tired and hungry, too. Suddenly, I found a group of animal was coming towards hill.  It was goat.  Right after, some wolves also found goat and began running after goat.  The other wolves ran after and, in a minute, all wolves went away from the bottom of hill.  While they were away, I quickly climbed down the hill and ran as quickly as I can.  I ran all the day and swam across river.  Then, I took a short rest.  I kept running away next day and finally found the smell of my deer family.  Thanks to goat which were sacrificed for me, I could survive and meet my deer family again.

After reading – Return to Earth

Drewitt’s Project X
Sometimes people do not know what is best for them.  The government should just do things like Project X without telling anybody.  Do you agree, or disagree?

I agree that the government is responsible to tell people about the project like Project X.  I think people should have the right to check and review whether the project is really needed or not for them as it must cost a lot of money for the researches and studies.  The government will come up with the finances from their taxes.

However, I think that the report timing about the project from the government to people is important.  It should not be too early but too late.  The project should be checked and reviewed very well by the experts and the relevant people before the report in order to gain the sufficient evidence about the efficiency and safety of the project.  It is generally difficult for people to judge whether the project is really needed or not without the supporting evidence.

I am not sure if the Japanese or any other countries’ governments may consider or have already proceeded with some projects without telling people or not, but I hope the projects should be helpful and safe for people and the future all over the world.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My favourite day💕

My favourite day of the week is nothing special. It depends.
A day without work is my favourite day.
Because my work doesn't have a day off.

I usually stay in bed and watch TV until I feel hungry.
Then I have breakfast.
After breakfast, I have a shower and I often go to piano and saxophone lessons at Matsumoto PARCO.

I often have lunch at a restaurant.
After lunch, I usually walk along Susuki river.
Then I go to the supermarkets and bookstores.

In the evening, I often make dinner.
After dinner, I always drink beer and watch TV.
Sometimes I go to the Manga Kissa to read many comic books.

Monday, 18 April 2016

My Favourite day!!

My Favourite day of the week is Saturday,because it's the weekend!

I usually get up late.Then I have breakfast and watch TV.
After breakfast I often do housework.
I often do the cleaning and the wasing.

I usually have lunch in my house,but I sometimes have lunch  with my friend at a restaurant
or at my parents' house.
After lunch I often go shopping or take a nap.

I often cook dinner and eat with my husband.
But I sometimes go to drink with my friend or husband.
In the evening I drink beer!
After dinner I watch TV.Then I take a bath before twelve o'clock.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Recent Weather in Matsumoto

My garden's strawberry plants
The recent weather in Matsumoto is very changeable. Sometimes it was freezing and snowy, and sometimes it was really warm. Even if it snowed, the snow would start to melt soon after. Actually, it snowed in the night on Wednesday 23rd but the next day became sunny and mild.

And also there is a big difference in temperature between the day and night. This might be bad for our health, so I must be cautious of my family’s shape and me.

My neighbor cherry blossoms 
Sometimes there’s a breeze and there are gale-force winds too. There is a proverb, “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.” I remember this proverb during this season and I feel that spring is just around the corner these days.

I like this season because I can sense the beginning of spring and I’m excited somehow. On the other hand, I dislike it because I suffer from hay fever. A running nose and itchy eyes are terrible for me. I wish I wouldn’t have these symptoms!

Anyway, I would like to enjoy this weather to go somewhere with my family.


Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spring has come!?

There is a warm breeze. Some small birds are twittering around my house. They enjoy the mild weather in early spring too. Last week we had snow here, but now it is getting warmer. This warm and sunny climate will make bloom cherry blossoms.

Typical Japanese Spring weather is changeable. At first, people know the coming spring by gale-force winds. People call it “the first spring gale”. It is a signal of the coming spring. Beginning of the spring, cold, chilly, sometimes freezing days and warm days come alternately. From ancient times, the climate is called “Sankanshion”, which mean alternation of three cold and four warm days. I recognize that it makes sense every year.

People eagerly wait for the coming spring every year and they feel certain about it by the news of the blooming cherry blossoms. Now cherry blossoms are starting to bloom from western areas of Japan. It will soon be here.


Minobusan Kuonji 身延山久遠寺 Shidarezakura 2012.4.11

Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter egg hunting

Spring seems to have finally arrived, with the sun beaming down and winter coats finally making their way back to their rightful place in the back of the wardrobe. And what better way to welcome spring than stepping outside for an Easter egg hunt!

Where's number 8?
For the 'eggs', I went the route of using colourful origami paper, with numbers 1-10 marked on. I felt that they would be much more versatile when it came to putting them in creative hiding spots. All you need is a bit of Blu-Tack and they can go anywhere! The reasoning for the numbers was that it meant that there was a clear distinction between each egg, and I could also keep track of where I had hidden each one. Flashbacks to Easter egg hunting when I was younger, where we managed to lose a fair share of chocolate eggs to the overgrowth in our garden.

I prepared a worksheet for students to keep track a of which eggs they had found by colouring them in, with the more capable students writing down where they were using the prepositions of place we had studied. Once all the eggs were found, we went around together while eliciting where each egg was and confirming their colours.
It was so much fun that even the adults joined in. Although the kids were much quicker at finding the eggs!

Have a look at the photo album of our Easter egg adventure on Facebook.