Wednesday, 20 April 2016

After reading – Return to Earth

Drewitt’s Project X
Sometimes people do not know what is best for them.  The government should just do things like Project X without telling anybody.  Do you agree, or disagree?

I agree that the government is responsible to tell people about the project like Project X.  I think people should have the right to check and review whether the project is really needed or not for them as it must cost a lot of money for the researches and studies.  The government will come up with the finances from their taxes.

However, I think that the report timing about the project from the government to people is important.  It should not be too early but too late.  The project should be checked and reviewed very well by the experts and the relevant people before the report in order to gain the sufficient evidence about the efficiency and safety of the project.  It is generally difficult for people to judge whether the project is really needed or not without the supporting evidence.

I am not sure if the Japanese or any other countries’ governments may consider or have already proceeded with some projects without telling people or not, but I hope the projects should be helpful and safe for people and the future all over the world.

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