Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter egg hunting

Spring seems to have finally arrived, with the sun beaming down and winter coats finally making their way back to their rightful place in the back of the wardrobe. And what better way to welcome spring than stepping outside for an Easter egg hunt!

Where's number 8?
For the 'eggs', I went the route of using colourful origami paper, with numbers 1-10 marked on. I felt that they would be much more versatile when it came to putting them in creative hiding spots. All you need is a bit of Blu-Tack and they can go anywhere! The reasoning for the numbers was that it meant that there was a clear distinction between each egg, and I could also keep track of where I had hidden each one. Flashbacks to Easter egg hunting when I was younger, where we managed to lose a fair share of chocolate eggs to the overgrowth in our garden.

I prepared a worksheet for students to keep track a of which eggs they had found by colouring them in, with the more capable students writing down where they were using the prepositions of place we had studied. Once all the eggs were found, we went around together while eliciting where each egg was and confirming their colours.
It was so much fun that even the adults joined in. Although the kids were much quicker at finding the eggs!

Have a look at the photo album of our Easter egg adventure on Facebook.

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