Wednesday, 20 April 2016

After reading - The Year of Sharing

The Happy Ending
We leave Richard in a dangerous situation. He survives - how does he do it?

It is the end of my life, I thought.  The wolves were waiting and I had nowhere to hide any more.  But, at the same time, I was happy to be sacrificed for my deer family.  They didn't talk much like human being, but I could feel the family closer than my real family.  The deer father thought how he can keep the family out of danger.  He didn’t talk, but I could feel his big love by his attitude.  The deer mother always made a little noise to me and kept asking me “where are you?”.  I was her baby and she watched me softly.  I liked brother and baby, too.  I liked playing with them.  All those memories came to my head and I cried aloud.  I really wanted to meet my deer family again.

The next morning, the gang of wolves were still there. I was tired and hungry, and the wolves looked tired and hungry, too. Suddenly, I found a group of animal was coming towards hill.  It was goat.  Right after, some wolves also found goat and began running after goat.  The other wolves ran after and, in a minute, all wolves went away from the bottom of hill.  While they were away, I quickly climbed down the hill and ran as quickly as I can.  I ran all the day and swam across river.  Then, I took a short rest.  I kept running away next day and finally found the smell of my deer family.  Thanks to goat which were sacrificed for me, I could survive and meet my deer family again.

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