Saturday, 28 June 2008

My favorite photo

One of my favourite photos is of a woman traveling from USA .

I took the photo in october 2004 at Narita Airport. I just was coming back Japan from San Francisco. She was going by same aircraft. Narita Airport was crowded by a lot of journalists. I took a picture near than journalists.

I had business trip with coworker, and I went to Sacramento city for one week. When we returned, I saw the woman at San Francisco Airport. I felt that I had seen the woman somewhere before.

Everyone called the woman Q-chan . She was a marathon runner who won the gold medal in the Sydney Olympic games. She debuted solo with independent a team just time. So she was returning from the training in USA.

I keep this photo on my pc. She wasn't chosen for the Beijing Olympics, although I hope she keeps Q-chan smile.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Logan's choice

This story is Logan and Grant of two inspector who inspected for Alex Maclennan Murder.I was interesting to read the story, Although It's difficult story that has a lot of characters.Two inspectors inspected to talk much I need to remember the characters all.I have to repeat to read for complete understanding.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Different Worlds

This book is the love story of deaf heroine Sam.
She is positive though get sentimental when there is a trouble. She feels music with a sound (vibration) because her mother play a music.
She met a wonderful man at the party. Though love of two people started ….
She of the deaf was perplexed between him of a healthy person.She was helped by surrounding people and became happy.

4. How important is music in your life? What do you play or listen to?
Music is very important in my life. I usually listen to Japanese pop music in the car of commuting. My favorite music band is Mr.Children.

The Double Bass Mystary

Do you think The Double Bass Mystery is a good title?
I think that it is a good title, as double bass is a keyword in the story. I thought that it was a crime that aimed at a double bass. I have not understood who the criminal is, because the purpose was a famous picture.
I thought that it was good story.
because The double bass had returned to the penny at the end.
This story was a little difficult for me. Because there were a lot of characters.

High Life Low Life

I imagined that these two lives were related somewhere when I saw the title. It might be an influence that I read "StayingTothger". And, it was splendidly related.

I read this story while being confused. It is because two clientages' stories advance by the simultaneous concurrency. It is moreover because the son's name looks alike such as "Charlie" and "Jackie". I read while confirming which story it was.

Q1. Would you like to live and work in a city New York ?
I do not want to live in New York. It seems to be very hot in the summer of New York. Moreover, I heard the winter of New York is very cold, though this had not written this story. If I live in the United States, I want to live in west coast, such as San Francisco or Anaheim which has Disneyland.

Monday, 16 June 2008

It's Spring!

Spring is a time for planting flowers, and that's exactly what this group of beginners did. This is learning English the holistic way, with a good dose of fun thrown in too.

It's very important that our children enjoy their classes as we want then to associate learning English with positive experiences.

Well, we learnt a bit about nature, practiced our motor skills and communicated co-operatively in order to complete the task in English! Not bad for a bunch of beginners!

We even got a bit messy in the process.

Wow! Look at those beautiful pots!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bon Bon - open invitation

Oh yes, it's that time of year again already!

I know, I know. You don't like dancing. Have to admit most of us not so keen either! However, we always have a great time on Bon Bon nights. Our secret for success? Essential ingredients are:
  1. lots of energy
  2. lots of smiles
  3. lots of beer
Everyone is welcome to join us; we need to know how many family/friends you want to bring with you by the end of the month (25th) please.

You'll need white T-shirts (we'll supply you with iron on transfers). We do not know our starting place yet, but we will meet at 5:45 - August 2nd.

You do not have to stay until the 9pm finish if you don't want to - it's a long evening for little kids we know. Join us for the start & leave when you get tired? If you 'have' to be in another group, escape & join us later?!

Don't be shy - come and meet old friends, and make new ones. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself, even if you hate the song, can't dance and don't know anyone! Go on, you know you want to!

Copy this form & print it, or call Yuki 0263-34-4481 & she'll email or fax you one. Do it now!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Space - The Final Frontier

I have a relatively new class on Fridays with two very smart young people, and recently we have been talking about space exploration. We have talked about the space race of the 1960s - from Sputnik's first beeps in orbit to Neil Armstrong's footprints on the moon. This week we talked about Skylab and Mir, and did some work with David Bowie's famous song 'Space Oddity' ("Here, am I floating in my tin can, far above the earth...")

The International Space Station (ISS) is in the news this week because the astronauts from the Shuttle Discovery have had to fix the toilet way up there. We wondered if they were wearing pink rubber gloves - and what would happen if they didn't fix it properly (after all, they can't open a window, can they?!) I asked my students if they'd like to see ISS & Discovery? Rather excited "Yes!!!"

We went to and first of all discussed the map. Why was half of it dark? Why was the sun seeming to move? That meant we needed to remember that the earth was actually moving around the sun, and that we are spinning as we go too - once every 24 hours we agreed.

We knew from our book that ISS was probably about 300km "up". We wanted to know how fast it was moving - faster then their mums' cars on the expressway perhaps? A great time to practice big numbers, as the information showed us that ISS was moving at 27,760 km/h. Very surprised looks all round! At that kind of speed, no police car would ever catch you!

Also no way in the world you can see this thing, either, right? Wrong! The ISS is now one of the brightest objects in the night sky. We tapped in our location (nearest one was Tokyo) and realised that at 8.08pm tonight (about 40 minutes after class finished) we should be able to see it for 3 minutes, if we looked ENE (East North-East). How's that for interactive learning?!

So my class scampered off home eagerly awaiting for their homework to arrive, hurtling across the night sky with the space shuttle hanging on to it! R-chan called me later to say thank you - so sweet! - she'd managed to find ISS & Discovery in the sky, exactly where we decided it would be, exactly when we thought it should be there. Now, ends of the week don't get much cooler than that! But if you click here, you can watch ISS on YouTube

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Logan's Choice

Logan's Choice is a detective story.

Jenny Logan is a police officer. Alex Maclennan died in his home at night.Logan thought that he was killed someone.

Crime suspects were Alice Maclennan and Donald Johnstone, Ian Ross. Alice Maclennan is Alex Maclennan's wife. Donald Johnstone is Alice Maclennan's brother. Ian Ross is Alex Maclennan's business friend.

This story have a business trouble and a quarrel between husband and wife, an affair. I can't tell you criminal person because my English class friends didn't read this book. This book was very difficult for me.

Yasuhiro, thank you for helping that you rent me this book.
You are very kind man.

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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Just Good Friends

After reading 1. Do you think Just Good Friends is a good title? Why or why not? Make up a new title for the book.

Yes. I think it's a good title. It's the keyword of this story. It's easy for us to imagine the main subject before we read this story. If I change this title, although I have no good idea, my idea is "Love is blind or not" since there are a different point of view in lovers, married couple and parents as described in this story.

2. Which character did you like best? Why?

I like Max if I must select from among characters in this story. He is a good man. He is honest and has consideration for others and had believed Stephany's word. But I wish he would have understood her mind in Genoa as well as architecture and art, even though he couldn't have understood a word of Italian.

Cambridge exams at Luna

Well done to all the students who sat the Cambridge PET and KET exams on Saturday. We're all very proud of you!

The results come out in 1 months' time, so we'll all have our fingers crossed till then.

Thanks to Yuki, Luna's manager and Local Secretary for Cambridge ESOL, for all her help and for making the day run so smoothly.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Different Worlds

I think Sam is very pure and good girl and Jim is good too.I like them.
I hope they are happy, but Sam's Mum said Jim will leave her.I don't understand why she said so at all. If she think really so,she shouldn't say so to Sam.

She should try to trust her daughter and Jim.

I don't have deaf friends now. I am afraid how to do with them.
I should be friendly and do just the way I am if I meet deaf friends.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Three Tomorrows

Q6. What do you think Fleur will do next at the end of “A Flower for Lumus”?

I think that she will call The Helper Company, and she will inform Lumus the detailed features or send his hair(To get information from his DNA.). She will repeat it many times but she won't get a helper which exactly resemble Lumus. So, she will give up this action and will understand that real things are the most important.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Do you think you could spend your life in another country?

Yes, I do. I can spend it in a different country. If it is possible, I want to live in Australia, Britain, and the United States.

Actually, my children are attending school, and it is necessary to work at the company. I can’t speak English well above all than they. Therefore, I think that living in the foreign country is difficult very much. However, I have no resistance in the living in the foreign country if I can speak English fluently and there is not a money problem.

The Ironing Man

After reading 8. Imagine it is five years later. What has happened to Tom and Marina?

They have been very happy regardless of whether they have a child or not since they met fun people, the Ironing Man, Phil and Tracy five years ago. Because they have loved each other deeply even though she hates ironing and she talks his arm off and he takes good notes as ever.

10. Here is the blurb from another book at this leve.

Double Cross
A fast-moving international thriller set in Scandinavia, London and Southern Africa. A politician nearly dies in Stockholm, and secret agent Monika Lundgren chases the would-be killer. As she races across the world she meets a strange football team, a rock musician, and a madman with dreams of world power.
Do you want to read Double Cross?

Yes. I really want to read it. Because I checked first chapter of this book on the Internet. Some agents for Military Intelligence are in the international thriller story. That's interesting. But, if someone knew it and selected it at the beginning, I would read it in my turn.

Monday, 2 June 2008

This is a heavy story that parts of war.if it is reality story, I think very sad. I understood actual state in country that have fighting.I think the worst people are men, although the innocent children have hurts.

Today, the people don't know about war experience.Our grandfater or grandmather knows it, but they will be lose who has war experience.We have to know misery stories, and We should be we can do good thing for a wold of noting war.
I also post serious impression.


Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Beast

After reading 2. Stories about werewolves and vampires are found in many different countries. Did people believe in these stories in the past? Do you think people take these stories seriously today?

Yes, they did in the past. But now, most people in many country don't believe it and don't take these stories seriously today. However we will have to keep in mind with sincerity that there are secrets of nature which we cannot understand correctly yet even though it might be an unscientific and unbelievable story at present.

3. Have you read any other books or seen any films with a story like The Beast?

No. I'm sorry, but I'm not good with horror fictions and horror movies.

The Double Bass Mystery

Do you think The Double Bass Mystery is a good title?
Yes, I do.
Can you think of any other good titles?
"An event in Barcelona"
"The mystery of one picture and orchestra"

Penny's boyfriend murdered the manager of the same orchestra to hide the crime of himself.He lost everything. She was betrayed by the person who loved. The assailant and the victim remain only sadness in the crime.

I read an English mystery literary work for the first time.This story was very interesting for a thrill.