Monday, 23 June 2008

High Life Low Life

I imagined that these two lives were related somewhere when I saw the title. It might be an influence that I read "StayingTothger". And, it was splendidly related.

I read this story while being confused. It is because two clientages' stories advance by the simultaneous concurrency. It is moreover because the son's name looks alike such as "Charlie" and "Jackie". I read while confirming which story it was.

Q1. Would you like to live and work in a city New York ?
I do not want to live in New York. It seems to be very hot in the summer of New York. Moreover, I heard the winter of New York is very cold, though this had not written this story. If I live in the United States, I want to live in west coast, such as San Francisco or Anaheim which has Disneyland.

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