Saturday, 28 June 2008

My favorite photo

One of my favourite photos is of a woman traveling from USA .

I took the photo in october 2004 at Narita Airport. I just was coming back Japan from San Francisco. She was going by same aircraft. Narita Airport was crowded by a lot of journalists. I took a picture near than journalists.

I had business trip with coworker, and I went to Sacramento city for one week. When we returned, I saw the woman at San Francisco Airport. I felt that I had seen the woman somewhere before.

Everyone called the woman Q-chan . She was a marathon runner who won the gold medal in the Sydney Olympic games. She debuted solo with independent a team just time. So she was returning from the training in USA.

I keep this photo on my pc. She wasn't chosen for the Beijing Olympics, although I hope she keeps Q-chan smile.