Friday, 30 October 2015

A World Flag - round 2

If you frequent our blog regularly, you may have seen that last year we had some students design a "World Flag" to coincide with the Football World Cup in Brazil. If you want to have a look at last year's edition, look here. As it was received so positively last time, both the lesson plan and the blog post, I decided to to use the Rugby World Cup as a good excuse for round 2. I was a little disappointed with the lack of rugby imagery though! But you can't argue with these results. Let us know which you think is the most suited to be a World Flag.

 This flag has horizontal stripes. The first stripe is deep green. It means North America. Second stripe is yellow green. it means South America. Third stripe is yellow. It means Africa. Forth stripe is orange. It means Europa. Fifth stripe is red, it means Asia. Sixth stripe is perple, it means Oceania. Seven stripe is blue, it means Antarctic. The seven color is rainbow color. Rainbow means symbol of peace.


The flag means the earth. The background is blue. Blue is ocean. The big diamond is white. White is land. The small diamond is green. Green is forest. I think people must save the forests. So, green is center.


 This flag has a symbol that looks like white pigeon and many star and a language "WORLD PEACE" on a yellow background.


 This flag mean of world peace! And the people sing a song together, make a big chorus that bind another country people. So, symbol of peace, doves flying.


This flag has an image that looks like earth and people live on this planet. On the blue background, there is a father on the left and a mother on the right. Also in the middle, there is a child. We hope no one living on earth will lose their lives of loving people by any crimes or war. Everyone is important for someone.


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Love or Money - Your favourite characters

Molly Clarkson lived in the country near Cambridge. The Clarkson family had a big old house with a beautiful garden. She was fifty years old and was very rich. But She has some troubles to life. It was her fiftieth birthday.She was having a small party. only four people .Her daughter Jackie and Diana,her sun Roger.and her sister`s hasband Albert. So She ws killd by Jackie. Because Jackie loved Tom Briggs .But she hate him. She thought about Jackie, and she said `No` to marrige. But...I think Molly was very sad. She was difficult to understand for Jackie.

Sergeant Faster aws detective. He was a very tall young man with black hair and a nice smile. He was not very happy this morning because he usually played tennis on Sunday morning. He was one of the best players at Cambridge Tennis Club. The day was Sunday, Molly was killd. Detective Inspector Walsh and he found to killer on Monday. Killer was Molly`s daughter. Next Sunday he wanted to nothing affair.

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

After reading - The Prince & the Pauper

Thank you Edward
Write a thank you letter from a pauper to the King

Dear Edward,

How have you been recently?

I have been very busy because many people come to see me.

I appreciated for you so much that you gave me the title. Everyone is very kind to me and respect me now. I have never imagined I can live such a great life when I was lived in the streets of London.
When we met each other at first time, I was very happy to see you and also was surprised that we look same. I have never noticed about that but you let me recognized when we exchanged our cloths in front of the mirror. As I was hanker for you and your life, Waring beautiful clothes, eating delicious food, sleeping in bed.. All things were very exciting and it was like a dreaming.

While I stay in the palace, I felt so happy but also felt a bit lonely. There was everything in the palace but a few friends who can talk each other openly. Now I am very happy to live my life as Sir Tom and you are to be my best friend. This is all by your favor.

Again, I thank you so much and hope keep in touch in the future.

Best regards,

Friday, 23 October 2015

Love or Money - after reading: your favourite romantic story

“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte 

Jane Eyre was an orphan. She was sent to a boarding school by her aunt.She is not so beautiful but she is a reliable person. 

She got a job as a private teacher for a child at a big residence.She grew up and became independent. The master, Mr. Rochester was not friendly at first. 

She received him at last but there was something warrying her. but they became close and understood each other. He asked her to marry him. 

She found that he had a wife and his wife was insane. She was shut up in the room. The strange sound was hers.Sometimes at midnight she heard a strange sound of laughter from a corner of the residence. Jane left him. Jane worked at school at a new place and she lived peacefully. 

She rejected his proposal and then she heard a voice to ask for help.A man,a good person proposed to her but she was at a loss to receive or not. She was not certain he loved her truly. She decided to return to Mr. Rochester. The residence was in ruin . The mad wife set fire to the residence and kill herself. 

He got back his hope and they married.Rochester was alive but he lost his arm and eyesight. 
Jane determined to live with him.

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Love or Money - Your two favourite characters

Jackie was a tall,fat woman, and she was thirty years old. She lived in Molly's house with Molly but she didn't like Molly, Because she wanted to marry to Tom Briggs but Molly said no. So she killed Molly with sleeping tablets in hot milk. And she put the empty bottle in Diane's bag.

Diane was twenty years old,and she was a good singer but could never get work. She lived in London,in one room of big house, and she wanted to go to America. So she wanted money. She always got money from her father. But she never got money from him recently because he died. She didn't like Molly because Molly killed him.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

After reading – The Prince and the Pauper

Write about a person you know about, who is doing good things for other people.

I think Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is one of famous philanthropist. She is well known as actress, voice actress, chairperson, and writer in Japan. The most famous her book is “Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window” that is based on her childhood experience. Besides these activities, she has been a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF since 1984. She is the first person who is the position in Asia. James Grant who was the executive officer of UNICEF at the time read her book and he suggested her to be in the position. She visits the developing countries in South Africa and Asia every year. Her activities were reported on a massive scale and helped to accumulate a fund for many children and the mothers. She personally has run a fund drive and the total amount reached at more than 50 billion yen as of 2014. All of them were sent to UNICEF and used for the children.

In the meantime, she has researched Panda more than 70 years and worked as an honorary chairperson of Panda Protection Institute of Japan. She introduced Panda in TV and thanks to her effort, two pandas “Kankan” and “Ranran” were sent to Japan from China in 1972.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Creative writing - "You"

Creative writing exercises provide a scope for thinking outside the box and coming up with some fantastic imagery, as the following poems will demonstrate!
The poems are based on individuals that we either love or hate, titled "You", and the parameters of the poem was to describe them under random topics such as a kind of food, a means of transport, an article of clothing, and so on, combined with a fitting adjective. Let me know what poems/imagery/similes you enjoyed reading!

You are a tough meat.
You are a strong gale.
You are an old fixed big desk.
You are a reckless riding horse.
You are an old moth-eaten shirt.
You are a creaky staircase.
You are sludgy brown.
You are boiling end of June.


You are like a sweet and milky melon.
You are sometimes typhoon and always the sun.
You are sometimes broken wardrobe.
You are sometimes uncontrollable dumper truck and sometimes slowly turtle.
You are a warm mitten.
You are the bright lamp light.
You are always a soft pink and sometimes dark blue.
You are peaceful and mild May.


You are a bad smell blue cheese.
You are heavy lightning.
You are over decorated chair.
You are a big limozin car driving big American road.
You are always thin under wear.
You are a golden lion shape door knocker.
You are too shiny orange.
You are crazy hot August.


You are strong straight wiskey.
You are clear blue sky.
You are a heavy table.
You are a damaged old bicycle.
You are a heavy warm coat.
You are a strong roof.
You are deep green like a turtle.
You are warm the beginning of spring.