Saturday, 24 October 2015

After reading - The Prince & the Pauper

Thank you Edward
Write a thank you letter from a pauper to the King

Dear Edward,

How have you been recently?

I have been very busy because many people come to see me.

I appreciated for you so much that you gave me the title. Everyone is very kind to me and respect me now. I have never imagined I can live such a great life when I was lived in the streets of London.
When we met each other at first time, I was very happy to see you and also was surprised that we look same. I have never noticed about that but you let me recognized when we exchanged our cloths in front of the mirror. As I was hanker for you and your life, Waring beautiful clothes, eating delicious food, sleeping in bed.. All things were very exciting and it was like a dreaming.

While I stay in the palace, I felt so happy but also felt a bit lonely. There was everything in the palace but a few friends who can talk each other openly. Now I am very happy to live my life as Sir Tom and you are to be my best friend. This is all by your favor.

Again, I thank you so much and hope keep in touch in the future.

Best regards,

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