Friday, 30 October 2015

A World Flag - round 2

If you frequent our blog regularly, you may have seen that last year we had some students design a "World Flag" to coincide with the Football World Cup in Brazil. If you want to have a look at last year's edition, look here. As it was received so positively last time, both the lesson plan and the blog post, I decided to to use the Rugby World Cup as a good excuse for round 2. I was a little disappointed with the lack of rugby imagery though! But you can't argue with these results. Let us know which you think is the most suited to be a World Flag.

 This flag has horizontal stripes. The first stripe is deep green. It means North America. Second stripe is yellow green. it means South America. Third stripe is yellow. It means Africa. Forth stripe is orange. It means Europa. Fifth stripe is red, it means Asia. Sixth stripe is perple, it means Oceania. Seven stripe is blue, it means Antarctic. The seven color is rainbow color. Rainbow means symbol of peace.


The flag means the earth. The background is blue. Blue is ocean. The big diamond is white. White is land. The small diamond is green. Green is forest. I think people must save the forests. So, green is center.


 This flag has a symbol that looks like white pigeon and many star and a language "WORLD PEACE" on a yellow background.


 This flag mean of world peace! And the people sing a song together, make a big chorus that bind another country people. So, symbol of peace, doves flying.


This flag has an image that looks like earth and people live on this planet. On the blue background, there is a father on the left and a mother on the right. Also in the middle, there is a child. We hope no one living on earth will lose their lives of loving people by any crimes or war. Everyone is important for someone.


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