Thursday, 5 November 2015

After reading - A review of "The King's Speech"

I've seen the film "The King's Speech". I liked it, because I like the actor (Coin Firth).
The story was about King George 6th, a younger brother of Edward. (We read a book of him "The love of a King") When King George 6th was a child, he was troubled with speaking (stammering), so he was a shy boy. But his father was very strict. And his older brother Edward was a free man, he choose Love instead of to be a King. So, unexpectedly he became a King of England. He still had trouble of stammering, but as a King he had to make speeches many times.

His wife Elizabeth was worried about him and took him to Lionel, a specialist of stammering. But Lionel was not a medical doctor yet and didn't have much experience. King George 6th was a difficult person and Lionel was a obstinate person, so at first it didn't work well. But it was a last chance for both of them to get over their life. They tried very hard, and gradually his speaking became better. At that time England was involved a war. He had to declare it on the radio to the people of England. Finally he could make a very good speech without any trouble as a King. People could be proud of their King. At the end of the movie, the war began with his speech, so this is not a happy ending story.

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