Friday, 6 November 2015

After reading - Did Edward do the right thing?

Yes, he did. I thought Wallis was a very attractive woman. So even she already married Edward loved her. I thought they were wonderful lovers. If they met in London of course Edward would be a King and Wallis would be a Queen. But before World War Second, she wasn't a suitable person for him to marry. Wallis was from the USA. She divorced her husbands twice. Her husbands were alive. The British people wanted the Royal family to be an ideal family. So they couldn't accept Wallis as a Queen. It was sad for them not to live in London. But they got a free lifestyle. I think no one gets everything. For Edward it is a wonderful life to live with the true lover. I hear there is an interesting thing. British people don't like American lineage But Princess Diana's grandmother is American. So now there is an American lineage in Royal family. The time is changing.

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