Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The missing Coins

After reading Q4?(Maybe...)---- What is your hobby?
I like to go to used CD shop.
I look for rare CD.
It is Heavy Metal,Hard core and more.
But when it is expensive,i do not buy it.
It is an ideal that the price of CD is 500 yen or less.

May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you.


Useless George

Just in case you didn't have time to listen to the Guardian podcast (below) on disastrous George W Bush, check this out:

Monday, 29 December 2008

The Missing Coins

6 Find a picture in the book and talk about it with a friend. What can you see in the picture? Who can you see? What are they doing? What are they going to do?

I'd like to talk about a picture on page 1. It shows the street in front of the Abbey. We can see the Abbey and the other old buildings. There are some tourists. On the right side, the man and two women are playing instruments. They are playing violins and flute to get any money with their hut. Carla and Pete are walking away from the Abbey. They'd like to go small quiet street.


When Summer Comes

I freezed reading the end of this story. During the reading this book, I made a forecast that something was happened with Anna and Tristan. It proceeded to my forecast direction roughly.
It was described politely, so I had a good feeling even if it was unethically way.

What happens after this ? I can't imagine it, because it will be so terrible.

After reading Questions: No.3 : Do you think "When Summer Comes" is a good title ? Make up an alternative.

Answer : I don't think that title isn't good.

I make up new title. : "A Holiday Love Affair", or "The Choice"

George W Bush - a review

As the world waits to see how much of a difference Barack Obama will make, an interesting and timely review of George W Bush's 8 years in the White House.

Listen here: Guardian Daily

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I could this book very timely. At first, I have known the origin of check, because we Japanese don't have a custom to use check so much. However, rapidly commerce and daily shopping via internet spread to worldwide, the reason why credit cards have popular also in Japan, instead of check.

Now, very heavy depression is in progress in world. It drives many famous companies into a corner, then it causes a vicious circle. And it is regrettable that contributive activities by them are reduced or evacuated. The most tragical is too many people lose job and cannot live on. I have to hold on to my job to contribute for customers.


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Lahti File

After Reading
2.Do you think "The Lahti File" describes the real work of a spy?

No, I don't think so.
There are three reasons I think.

First, trigger of this story is very nonsense. Although there are many many same thing all over the world, Naylor think that there are some relationships with these news. This is a very unreal thing, I think.

Next, if Munro is a real spy, he doesn't invite unknown person to his room (But it is a usual story in "007" ;-) ).

Then, he doesn't have any arms. It is believable that if someone find arms, there are many questions to answer. But there is necessity of having minimum arms with spying, I think.

Anyway, a hero of the story must have some stupid points to make the story funny.

Silas Marner

I like such kind of story as " a happy end". It relieve us at the end.

After reading Q1. Here are some of the villagers talking. Who are they talking about, and what has just happened in the story?
A1. It was Molly who was Godfrey’s wife and she was going to Raveloe to meet her husband but she dead near Silas’s cottage on the New Year ’s Eve.
A2. It was Godfrey. His brother Dustan stole Silas’s money sixteen years ago and his body was found in the bottom of the quarry.
A3. They were Nancy and Godfrey who helped Eppie’s wedding because Eppie was Godfrey’s daughter.
A4. It was Dolly Winthrop who tried to persuade Silas to go to Church on Sunday.
A5. It was Silas who was stolen his money and run to Rainbow to ask Jem Rodney to return his money.
A6. They were Godfrey and Nancy, probably it was when Nancy’s baby had dead.

Have A Happy New Year!


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Grown ups' Christmas party at Luna

Barely time to catch our breath after the children's party this afternoon, before we welcomed our bigger friends and students to the school for our end-of-year/Christmas party. Last year's BYO format was really successful, so why change a winning format?!

It never ceases to amaze me that in Japan, "start at 7pm" means you can expect everyone to arrive at 7pm on the dot...and so they did tonight. A lot of familiar faces, some bravely coming for the first time and making new friends. Eleanor stole a few hearts, and Jim went quiet for the first time all day.

Unlike last year, we put on a couple of events which got people working together less self-consciously. Tana's quiz was hard - "What do Turkmenistani people do at Xmas?". The winning team scored about 40% - and this was multiple choice!

The "Who am I" activity worked well - Taro Aso won. However, some very long faces due to the fact that Bugs Bunny was apparently a woman, Nelson Mandela and Winnie the Pooh American. Jun didn't know too much about reggae, and Ineko couldn't remember John Lennon's name. Oh well!

Frank Sinatra also featured, as we broke into some unusual karaoke to the tune "I love New York in June". Two teams had to organise the lyrics first, then put a dance together and sing along. Hilarious efforts from both teams and a lot of fun, before attention returned to finishing off the buffet.

Lots of happy faces, new friends made, promises to come and party some more with us in 2009. Wishing everyone a super Christmas - few more classes yet before we can relax properly though!


Super little Christmas party

Sunday afternoon was Santa-time!

Tana and Yuki put together an excellent afternoon's entertainment for our younger students. There were so many games and activities I can barely remember them all! Naturally burning off some energy featured early on, "Freeze" and blow football. Tana's artistic background is obvious, as you can see from a lovely pair of snowmen she created for the marshmallow game, and Rudolph who was missing his nose, (temporarily!).

The children also helped us build "Merry Christmas" and made secret snowman sweet-holders for their mums. Food was wolfed down in no time...Tensions rose and the boys were mad-keen to spy Santa. In the end we all yelled very loudly out of the window...in a flash he was here. His reindeer are really fast!

Everyone had a moment with Father Chritsmas to tell him how good they had been this year (???) and tell him their names - very important that they get the right presents of course! Once again, shock that Jim was in the room simultaneously!

Happy cherubs toddled off home with mummies and daddies, with Christmas on their minds - only a few big sleeps to wait now! Great job Tana, your preparations went really well! Thank you Yuki, Milton & Michiyo for helping make things work.

Merry Christmas - soon! (More photos here)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Saturday night party

Must be something about the time of year - another round of beers and food with classmates and colleagues!

Tonight a tried and trusted Chinese restaurant in town, with my NHK brigade. I managed to have a good chat with Takeshi and Chisato this evening, and we schemed to visit NZ soon. Masa met Tana, and managed not to ask her anything about South Africa in English - a shame as he is going there in March. This evening we were probably saying goodbye to Akane again, who has to move back to Kofu. We will miss you, so make sure you come back for the summer BBq at least?

We were delightfully served by a top secret waitress, who usually shouts 'hello' at me, but was a bit quieter tonight - think she was worried I'd dob her in!

A fun night out again, thank you guys - cold rainy walk home though!
(More photos here)

Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas parties at Luna

Just to let everyone know for sure for sure that we are having TWO parties at the school on Sunday.

  1. Children's party is from 13:00 - 16:00 and is already fully-booked, Santa already has his sack packed (for good kids only).
  2. Adults - from 7pm until late. This is BYO (preferably something home-made for food, a supply of whatever your preferred tipple is). Don't drink & drive! Drink all night and walk home!
Jim, Tana, Yuki

Christmas Illumination

Last weekend, I went to Azumino-Park with my family in Anumino-city, Nagano.
I heard information this park from my friend. This park decorates X'mas illumination.
We went ahead of time because it had been heard that traffic is very hard. There ware no traffic jam of about 4:00 PM.
When we arrived, it was still bright and snowing a little. It was very cold. I think, if you will go to here in the future, please dress warm clothes.
The illuminations lights up when it darkens around. There are very beautiful and fantastic. We spent lovely time. This event is doing until December 25.

This park’s information is here. http://prfj.or.jp/morinohikari/index.html

Have a nice X'mas


Santa's grotto

We've actually stood back a bit and encouraged our little ones to contribute more to the school's Christmas decorations this year. Feels a lot more Christmassy as a result, and we're using up a big stock of cardboard boxes that would otherwise go to waste (Yes - see "Recycling" posting below!)

Jim's Tuesday lads built a colourful snow drift by numbers. We started with some simple origami, then we took turns to throw a dice and cut our patterns accordingly eg 1 - small triangle, 2 - big square etc. After that we used some old plastic sheets to add colour. Pretty fine outcome as you can see, which now decorates the tree in our main room.

Last year we tried to make reindeer, but the antlers were very fiddly/difficult for little fingers to cut with small scissors. Santa has proved to be a lot easier! Here you can see my rowdy boys getting stuck in. They followed simple written instructions on the board (reading is an issue with this class). Apart from a pompom getting chopped off in the cutting-frenzy, the result resembled the plan...we had five unique but recognisable Santas by 5:30 to dangle in the hall!

Stating the obvious, but the girls were a lot more careful and cautious - and were keen to take their trophies home, which was nice. Tana's attempts to build Christmas tree chains proved a lot more succesful than Jim's (fell to bits!) and her class coloured theirs beautifully. We're running out of walls to hang stuff on...only SIX sleeps to the big day now!

Information Technology

This book is very interesting. There are stories of the history that I did not know, too.
I used computer of IBM at 20 years ago. It was very big and slow. At the time, there wasn’t Windows. I used MS-DOS. Now, Computer is very useful and easy. I usually use computer by work, watching Internet and buy things etc. At the feature, How is the computer used? But, It is very first that Computer and Operation system changes. I hope change slower a little more, because it is necessary to buy a new computer and software.


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Within High Fences

Contrary to the impression of the title, this story was a love story. I thought that this books was a crime story.

Q1:Which character(s) did you like best and least in Behind High Fences?

The character who I like best is Harriet. I think she is a real friend of Nancy. She helped Nancy in any important situation, and she always stood by Nancy. An impressive episode is the last one. Harriet drove Nancy to George's flat, but she didn't agree for meeting George with Nancy. She had not only kindness but also severity.

On the other hand, the character who I dislike worst is Tom, of cause. He was a racist and discriminated against women. And also he was fool. It was natural that Nancy left from him. Maybe he didn't love Nancy from his heart. Maybe he needed only a girlfriend, not Nancy. It is necessary to take care not becoming of me like Tom.

Australia and New Zealand

There is Mt. Hutt Ski Area in the middle of south island in New Zealand. This Ski Aria is so famous and the best in the Oceania.It is so big and have many course. We can enjoy skiing for long season, from June until October.Many skiers all over the world go to New Zealand in this season.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Martin Luther King

After I read this book, I knew new a fact for me. I had never known the segregation detail in America. Also It was into long history that began Black peoples from slave.

I was impressed Martin Luther King's act and his great speaking.

Mr.Obama is going to become next president in the United Satets.

It is about forty years from Martin Luther King dead , I wish toward right and nice thing that everybody are equal. Mr.Obama may be one person that Martin Luther King left success.

When summer comes

The story is one of those summer things. Anna and Stephen had been married 10 years. They visited Polreath on their summer holiday, and Anna fell in love with Tristan as fisherman.

Q4.Imagine you are Anna's best friend. What advice would you give her when she tells you about her holiday?
You must decide between living with inveracity or telling him everything. I can't make the decision for you, but I'm going to send you my favorite word "There's no human-caused problems that the human cannot solve!". You should dwell on and solve it alone with Stephen. I promise that I'll just stay with you and cared about you wherever you go.


I read Recycling. This story is very important for us. We must clean our Earth but I didn't think deeply. I recognize that we recycle many thing. I am going to bring my bag to a supermarket tomorrow.

4. What can we do about plastic bags? Here are some ideas. Discuss which are the best, and give your reasons.

・Make shoppers pay for plastic bags.

I think it becase people become not to buy plastic bags. In the result, we can reduce plastic bags.

Jojo's Story

I have read this book, then I feel that I am so powerless. A tragic case which I can't image occur in the third world.

After reading

Q2:How much do you know about MSF? You can ask your teacher, or visit the MSF website:www.msf.org.

MSF is a nonprofit organization that is founded by French doctor group in 1971. This organization is consisted of a volunteer and full-time staff, and the type of job of volunteer is doctor, nurse, inspection engineer, and so on. Their policy is "All people have a right of treating", and they act medical treatment in the poverty area, in the third world or in the dispute area. Their activities are not also medical treatment but also preventive medicine, and testifying activity for an international organization is an important part of their activity. They got a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, and Indira Gandhi Prize in 1996. In Japan, the branch was founded in 1992.


Q3. Choose a place in the USA and write an e-mail to a friend about it.

subject: Hello from Hawai
Hi Jim!
How are you? I'm having a wonderful time in Hawai. Yesterday we went to Waikiki Beach and we saw the beautiful beach. That was great, but the most exciting was scenery in the sea. Today we're going to shop. That's in Ala Moana Center. I hope I'll be able to go shopping. I'll tell you all about it in my text e-mail.

I have been to the U.S.A. twice before. I went to Hawaii with my family in the first time.We swam in Waikiki Beach and did shopping at Ala Moana Center. I went to Indianapolis for business trip in the second time.
I would like to visit Alaska to see the Northren Lights. Also, I would like to visit Boston to watch a baseball game at the Fenway Park.

Monday, 15 December 2008

The Missing Coins

I read book "The Missing Coins".

After reading Q10:
Is there an interesting little shop in your town or city? What can you buy there?

I know an interesting little shop in Nagano city. I lived in Nagano city to 21 years old.
This shop is "model shop". My husband loves Railroad model. He make some Railroad model and carriage model. We sometims go to this shop. He buy model parts, but I don't buy anything.
I only look the things in the shop. A plastic model of a car, plane, carriage, monster and stuffed doll etc... I feel very interesting.


We are readers

After many weekends dashing all over the country, attending workshops, meetings, conferences, training sessions, I could finally catch up with our Saturday superstars again (Matt unfortunately cannot keep his commitment with us).

I am looking forward to seeing some dramatic progress with all of these girls, as they have new vocab skills books with very funky CD-roms. This means they can hear the pronunciation of new words, as well as enjoy games with the target langauge. I wouldn't mind having a copy myself, Santa?

All of our classes at this age group now follow an extensive reading programme. For these girls, we have chosen OUP's Dominoes series. All with a recording on CD, because these girls obviously have iPods and can listen anytime they like - as often as they like. We particularly like the Dominoes books as they have fun quizzes and puzzles at the end of each chapter, and some very well thought out after-reading activities and projects.

Our aim is to read as much as we can, as quickly as we can; have fun without getting bogged-down in detail. Our choice of titles should help, with my favourites Wallace and Gromit featuring prominently! Stay tuned here for updates & project work from our Saturday classroom!

Painting the town red

On Saturday evening, one of Jim's business classes went out for dinner and a few drinks in town. We had a some great nabe and yakiniku; Kazu bizarrely topped up his draft beer with tomato juice and salt...which in a ll my drinking years I don't think I 've seen before!

Tana's first certificate (FCE) class also had a meal, and eventually caught up with Jim's group at karaoke - not a regular event for Jim and actually Tana's first time (can you believe it?). As we were such a large group, we had to wait a while for a room - so we had a few more beers to pass the time & Tomohiro found his friend's wedding party in the same bar!

Surprise crooner of the evening was Yuki, letting rip with style and skill. Most of the rest of us gurning along drunkenly - Rie & Kyoko excepted, so well-behaved. Yosuke & Tomo did their best to keep Yumie awake!

Where did all the time go? Suddenly it was something like half past two in the morning, cold & rainy. Tomo staggered off homewards, others planning to share taxis...Sunday looking like it was going to be a slow day for eveyone concerned! Thanks - I had a great time. I didn't even mind sleeping on the floor (again) when I tried to stay awake for the football.


I have read the book. I thought Monika was very cute.

(Q4)You are Chapman. Write a postcard to a friend in London about your stay in Stockholm.

Dear Jim,
I’m writing this card at the Strand Hotel. I had a terrible time in Stockholm. I came here by the business trip. I was working here with Monika, who was an SMI member. We were investigating the murder. She refused to have dinner together on the first night that arrived here. Next day, we looked for evidence around the pond. We dived 3 times under the water. Monika found a small piece of metal, like the top of pen. I thought it was no good. I told her that she threw it away, but she did not obey my instruction. However the glacier was beautiful and the air was clean. I ate some great food. Consequentially, I had enjoyed my visit here.

See you soon,
Jams Chapman

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Love in the Lakes

On holiday in the Lake District with her new jet-skiing boyfriend, Nick, Laura meets the local vet, Robert. Robert dislikes both Laura and Nick on sight. However, Laura soon discovers why Robert hates people from the city. Slowly Laura and Robert get to know each other better, and she soon has to make a choice: Nick or Robert?
I also like this love story due to the happy ending as Reiko-san said.

After reading,
Q2. Write a description of the Lake District.

A2. The Lake District, also known as The Lakes or Lakeland, is a rural area in North West England. A popular holiday destination, it is famous for its lakes and its mountains (or fells), and its associations with the early 19th century poetry and writings of William Wordsworth and the Lake Poets.

The central and most-visited part of the area is contained in the Lake District National Park - one of fourteen National parks in the United Kingdom(Click here for more information). It lies entirely within Cumbria, and is one of England's few mountainous regions. All the land in England higher than three thousand feet above sea level lies within the National Park. The Lake District also contains Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England.

Click here! You can see another photos.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Postcard from Okinawa

My high school class went to Okinawa ages ago, but I finally got a card from Yuka, bless!

An outstanding waste of money, in my opinion - taking a school to a tropical island that is. Will they pay for the text books I suggested to actually learn English? No...