Saturday, 20 December 2008

Saturday night party

Must be something about the time of year - another round of beers and food with classmates and colleagues!

Tonight a tried and trusted Chinese restaurant in town, with my NHK brigade. I managed to have a good chat with Takeshi and Chisato this evening, and we schemed to visit NZ soon. Masa met Tana, and managed not to ask her anything about South Africa in English - a shame as he is going there in March. This evening we were probably saying goodbye to Akane again, who has to move back to Kofu. We will miss you, so make sure you come back for the summer BBq at least?

We were delightfully served by a top secret waitress, who usually shouts 'hello' at me, but was a bit quieter tonight - think she was worried I'd dob her in!

A fun night out again, thank you guys - cold rainy walk home though!
(More photos here)

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