Sunday, 21 December 2008

Super little Christmas party

Sunday afternoon was Santa-time!

Tana and Yuki put together an excellent afternoon's entertainment for our younger students. There were so many games and activities I can barely remember them all! Naturally burning off some energy featured early on, "Freeze" and blow football. Tana's artistic background is obvious, as you can see from a lovely pair of snowmen she created for the marshmallow game, and Rudolph who was missing his nose, (temporarily!).

The children also helped us build "Merry Christmas" and made secret snowman sweet-holders for their mums. Food was wolfed down in no time...Tensions rose and the boys were mad-keen to spy Santa. In the end we all yelled very loudly out of the a flash he was here. His reindeer are really fast!

Everyone had a moment with Father Chritsmas to tell him how good they had been this year (???) and tell him their names - very important that they get the right presents of course! Once again, shock that Jim was in the room simultaneously!

Happy cherubs toddled off home with mummies and daddies, with Christmas on their minds - only a few big sleeps to wait now! Great job Tana, your preparations went really well! Thank you Yuki, Milton & Michiyo for helping make things work.

Merry Christmas - soon! (More photos here)

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