Monday, 8 December 2008

A picture to Remember

I have read the book.I interested to this story.
I selected the after reading No.3: Which character did you like best in "A picture to Remember".
I like Daniel. Daniel is a gym manager at the Recoleta Health Club in Argentina. I thought if Daniel is not exist in story, then this story is not established.But he is not both a main person and a heroine.
Daniel save Cristina(main person in story) from mafia(Roberto and Calros). And her headache went away by Daniel's action as 3 below things in story.

1. Roberto dropped a weight to Cristina and hurt her, when Daniel quickly leave for her and give medical treatment in his managing gym. Also after following her, he aggressively tryed to dig out the criminal.
2. When Cristina and Daniel ran away from mafia(Calros and Roberto) on the Argentine road , he actived to protecting her at ending story. Then Daniel said things at last sean (Carlos and Robert's car hit the police car), he said "Stay here, It could still be dangerous." I felt he calmed down and judged a situation at any time.
3. A lot of people come at his gym. Maybe his gym is comfortable and clean for guest by his good humanity (At anytime, he smile and polite to first coming guest).

I wanted to emulate Daniel's behavior after reading this story.
Hironobu Inada

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jim said...


It looks like you enjoyed this book, and an interesting character to choose - well done. I look forward to you becoming a `hero` ;)