Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Martin Luther King

After I read this book, I knew new a fact for me. I had never known the segregation detail in America. Also It was into long history that began Black peoples from slave.

I was impressed Martin Luther King's act and his great speaking.

Mr.Obama is going to become next president in the United Satets.

It is about forty years from Martin Luther King dead , I wish toward right and nice thing that everybody are equal. Mr.Obama may be one person that Martin Luther King left success.

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jim said...


There is a very good programme you can listen to from the BBC - it is about 1968 being a year the world changed. It is by John Tusa, and is very good - he was reporting there at the time. He looks back with 40 years experience & history to guide him.

The third part is especially relevant as he interviewed Dr. King hours before he was assassinated, and discusses his impact.

You can download the programme as a podcast. Go to the BBC World website and you will see the link on the main page, right-hand margin.

Happy New Year - 2009 should be better with Obama in the White House.