Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Silas Marner

I like such kind of story as " a happy end". It relieve us at the end.

After reading Q1. Here are some of the villagers talking. Who are they talking about, and what has just happened in the story?
A1. It was Molly who was Godfrey’s wife and she was going to Raveloe to meet her husband but she dead near Silas’s cottage on the New Year ’s Eve.
A2. It was Godfrey. His brother Dustan stole Silas’s money sixteen years ago and his body was found in the bottom of the quarry.
A3. They were Nancy and Godfrey who helped Eppie’s wedding because Eppie was Godfrey’s daughter.
A4. It was Dolly Winthrop who tried to persuade Silas to go to Church on Sunday.
A5. It was Silas who was stolen his money and run to Rainbow to ask Jem Rodney to return his money.
A6. They were Godfrey and Nancy, probably it was when Nancy’s baby had dead.

Have A Happy New Year!