Monday, 15 December 2008


I have read the book. I thought Monika was very cute.

(Q4)You are Chapman. Write a postcard to a friend in London about your stay in Stockholm.

Dear Jim,
I’m writing this card at the Strand Hotel. I had a terrible time in Stockholm. I came here by the business trip. I was working here with Monika, who was an SMI member. We were investigating the murder. She refused to have dinner together on the first night that arrived here. Next day, we looked for evidence around the pond. We dived 3 times under the water. Monika found a small piece of metal, like the top of pen. I thought it was no good. I told her that she threw it away, but she did not obey my instruction. However the glacier was beautiful and the air was clean. I ate some great food. Consequentially, I had enjoyed my visit here.

See you soon,
Jams Chapman