Monday, 15 December 2008

We are readers

After many weekends dashing all over the country, attending workshops, meetings, conferences, training sessions, I could finally catch up with our Saturday superstars again (Matt unfortunately cannot keep his commitment with us).

I am looking forward to seeing some dramatic progress with all of these girls, as they have new vocab skills books with very funky CD-roms. This means they can hear the pronunciation of new words, as well as enjoy games with the target langauge. I wouldn't mind having a copy myself, Santa?

All of our classes at this age group now follow an extensive reading programme. For these girls, we have chosen OUP's Dominoes series. All with a recording on CD, because these girls obviously have iPods and can listen anytime they like - as often as they like. We particularly like the Dominoes books as they have fun quizzes and puzzles at the end of each chapter, and some very well thought out after-reading activities and projects.

Our aim is to read as much as we can, as quickly as we can; have fun without getting bogged-down in detail. Our choice of titles should help, with my favourites Wallace and Gromit featuring prominently! Stay tuned here for updates & project work from our Saturday classroom!