Monday, 1 December 2008

Enkai season

Oh yes, the cold wintry nights are upon us, and with them the season of parties and red noses!

I was invited to join a lovely gaggle of ladies I have been teaching lately to celebrate (I think?) the end of their course. They were in good spirits by the time I managed to get there - I couldn't get off work any earlier. They had enjoyed the Tapas menu fully, by the looks of it.

It is always nice to see students away from the classroom and to be able to interact fully. Of course we had a ni-ji-kai (very civilised Japanese habit of kicking on for a "second" party) and I managed to catch up on the drinks. So much so, I found the Hagen Daaz I bought on my way home still in my pocket, unopened, the next time I wore my warm coat - three days later. Should I eat it...this is the question!