Tuesday, 9 December 2008

You have ten minutes remaining

The sound of pens and pencils furiously scribbling as the clock counts down. Oh yes, exams again!

Luna's venue in Hokuriku hosted its first KET & PET session on November 23rd. Jim drove through the very early morning freezing rain and sleet to be there help the school get started, and also to conduct the speaking tests with one of our recently trained new oral examiners. Jim had to let her do all the hard work as he had a bad cold and could barely speak - well done Mo!
Meanwhile our Tokyo venue once again ran a smooth session concurrently, for which we need to give a lot of credit to Trevor and Chie, and thank Reiko at Westgate for helping us sort out OEs. We are going to be on a big OE recruiting drive in 2009, which will be an exciting year for us (more news on that soon).

The first weekend of December means First Certificate of English (FCE). The Gold Standard!My favourite exam for several reason, two obvious ones being it is the reason I got interested in Cambridge (UCLES) exams in the first place, and that I believe it is an achievable goal for all of our students at Luna. This is the first time we have run FCE on a Saturday at two venues; with Yukari's help, Eleanor's co-operation, and Tana's generousity with her free-time, candidates sat the test in Matsumoto. Hijiri also spent his first day without mum Yuki, who left home at 4.30am to supervise the Tokyo sitting at Oxford University Press's headquarters, driving down with Jim; a busy day for Luna's family!

OUP looked after us superbly, and we are very grateful to Colin for all his help, and to OUP as usual for their kindness and generosity.

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Gavin said...

Thanks for the great support Jim.

All the best for the new year. Looking forward to seeing you in up here again for training - fingers crossed.


Hokurikugakuin University,