Thursday, 18 December 2008

Within High Fences

Contrary to the impression of the title, this story was a love story. I thought that this books was a crime story.

Q1:Which character(s) did you like best and least in Behind High Fences?

The character who I like best is Harriet. I think she is a real friend of Nancy. She helped Nancy in any important situation, and she always stood by Nancy. An impressive episode is the last one. Harriet drove Nancy to George's flat, but she didn't agree for meeting George with Nancy. She had not only kindness but also severity.

On the other hand, the character who I dislike worst is Tom, of cause. He was a racist and discriminated against women. And also he was fool. It was natural that Nancy left from him. Maybe he didn't love Nancy from his heart. Maybe he needed only a girlfriend, not Nancy. It is necessary to take care not becoming of me like Tom.

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