Monday, 15 December 2008

The Missing Coins

I read book "The Missing Coins".

After reading Q10:
Is there an interesting little shop in your town or city? What can you buy there?

I know an interesting little shop in Nagano city. I lived in Nagano city to 21 years old.
This shop is "model shop". My husband loves Railroad model. He make some Railroad model and carriage model. We sometims go to this shop. He buy model parts, but I don't buy anything.
I only look the things in the shop. A plastic model of a car, plane, carriage, monster and stuffed doll etc... I feel very interesting.


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jim said...

Hi Noriko,

That does sound like an interesting shop - there's a similar shop in Sydney (Australia) that my nephews love for the same reasons. My wife got very bored there (NB +ed not +ing).

There a couple of shops on Nawate Dori (Frog Street) - does your husband go there too?

Nice posting thank you - can you tell us where exactly this shop is in Nagano?