Sunday, 28 February 2016

After reading "King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table" ...write an email to King Arthur

Dear Authur,

How are you? How about your life recently? Do you have any trouble recently? I hope all is going well with you. I am far from Camelot. The place where I am now is a cave in forest. The door of the cave where I am now is closed and I can't get away from this cave. I have never asked for your help, but I will not be able to see you again, so please see this e-mail as my last message.

My ending is not-too-distance future. When I die, the magic power you and your sword have will disappear. The special sword will be just normal sword.

Please never ask for any magic or something with magic. The magic will be either danger or good by what type of people use the magic or something with magic. Actually, the magic was used by bad people and I can't get away from this cave. Thanks to the magic sword, you got a chance to be a King.

I want you to be real King who be really endeared to your company's people without your magic. There are a lot of things that you can help or bring your company's people happiness even if you have no any magic. Please always think whether the things what you think or will do would be helpful for your people or would bring your people happiness or smile.

I continuously hope that my son "Author" live with happiness and bring the company's people happiness.

After reading - Five Famous Fairy Stories

My fairy story
Tell the story of a fairy tale from your country

We want to introduce Urashima Taro, very famous fairy story in Japan.One day a young fisherman named Urashima Taro is fishing when he notices a group of children torturing a small turtle.
Taro saves it and lets it to go back to the sea.
The next day, a huge turtle approaches him and tells him that the small turtle he had saved is the daughter of the Emperor of the Sea, Ryujin, who wants to see him to thank him.
The turtle brings him to the bottom of the sea, to the Palace of the Dragon God (Ryugu-jo).
There he meets the Emperor and the small turtle, who was now a lovely princess, Otohime.
Taro stays there with her for a few days, but soon wants to go back to his village and see his aging mother.
The princess wishes him well and gives him a mysterious box called tamatebako which she tells him never to open.
Taro grabs the box, jumps on the back of the turtle, and soon is at the seashore.
When he goes home, everything has changed. His home is gone, his mother has vanished, and the people he knew are nowhere to be seen.
He discovers that 300 years have passed since the day he left for the bottom of the sea.
He opens the box the princess had given him, from which bursts forth a cloud of white smoke.
He is suddenly aged, his beard long and white, and his back bent.

Apollo13 - After reading

Man has not walked on the moon for nearly 50 years.
Should we try to return there? Why/why not?

I think we should go to the moon again. The current state is just like that Japan used to be sealed off to the outside world before.

We should go out of the earth more. It's a fact that Japan maturated its culture by the national isolation for several years, but it is also a fact that Japan lost more chance to innovate the new technology by the national isolation.

We have ever progressed our technology for fifty years. We will be able to go to the moon more easily and more safely. Now, we may obtain what we cannot obtain fifty years ago there. I think we should go to not only the moon but also the other planet. It may take so long time to go there. It may also has a lot of danger. But we should aspire it. If we stuck inside the inner, we will lead to a dead end.

The world now has a lot of problems like the energy issues, food issues, terrorism and so on. We may be able to find the solution by going there.

This is now no time to engage in warfare or make terrorist acts in the earth. We should think to concentrate our efforts over the world in order to go to a lot of planet . We should aspire the space.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Black Pearl - write an e-mail from the governor to his brother in England

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Bla...
Trhe Black Pearl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dear brother,

How have you been? I hope all is getting well with you. How is your life in England? Is it fun for you? How about your family? What is the weather now in England? What is your recommendation in England during this season?

Please kindly advise me yours. We have not met for a long time, I really want to see you in near future. Today, I am writing this email to tell you good happy news for you, not only me.

My daughter, Elizabeth has decided to marry a very kind man, Will Turner. I want to bring him to you with Elizabeth to introduce him. He is same age as Elizabeth and they knew each other after she was ten or eleven years old and are nice to each other. He is good blacksmith.

To be frank with you, I had been unhappy that Elizabeth and Will were nice to each other because a man named Norrington I recommnded liked her and he was very appropriate for my beautiful daughter, Elizabeth. I believe that if you are in my position, you would want Elizabeth to marry Norrington without doubt.

But, when the pirates came into our country and we faced serious situation, Will fighted well together with one pirate's help and could protect Elizabeth from pirates or other unfriendly issues and secured my country.

So, I decide to accept Elizabeth and Will to marry.

Please make your time to see again.

Five Famous Fairy Stories - After reading

Five Famous Fairy Stories – Tell the story of a fairy tale from Japan

My family name is Takeuchi and spells "bamboo" and "inside" in Chinese characters. So, I will write the story "Taketorimonogatari" which a girl found in bamboo takes precedence.
Long, long ago in a certain placeLong ago, an old couple lived in a village.
The old man went to his mountain to cut bamboo and take them in his house.

One day, when the old man found the bamboo which a part of a bamboo was shining.
When he cut the bamboo which was shining, nervously, he found a little baby inside the bamboo.
The old couple raised the baby like their daughter, and their daughter became very beautiful lady.

 After the old man found the baby, many happy things happened and they became a rich and could raise her.
Some men asked the old couple to marry her.
So, the beautiful daughter called "Kaguyahime" set a hard task to those men to bring rare thing which Kaguyahime selected.
Kaguyahime asked a man to go to India and bring a stone bowl which Buddha used. The tasks instructed by Kaguyahime were very hard for them.

So, they brought a fake and they couldn't marry her.

One day, the Kaguyahime shed tears and told to the old couple that she wanted to stay here forever, but a group from the moon would come here and she needed to go back to the moon with them.
The old couple wanted to keep the Kaguyahime here, so asked many people to chase off the group from the moon.
But, they didn't have an ounce of strength and coudn't protect her.
The Kaguyahime gave the kimono which was wearing to the old couple to say her thanks to the old couple.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Apollo 13 - After reading

Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on De...
Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember
Bill Anders on December 24, 1968

Should we try to return the moon?

When a trip to the Moon will become more stable someday (after 100 years, 200 years), we should return to the Moon and I want to go there to see other planets and space.

Now, I think we should take more time or money to search the Mars in detail with following reasons.

Now, the Earth is having following problems and there is effective solution to solve those problems because each country has various situation in economical, culture etc and all of countries in the world can't take actions to solve those problems.

a) Air pollution
b) Water pollution
c) Ozone layer destruction
d) Global heating
e) Ecological change
f) Natural hazard

And I am very afraid that all things on the Earth like people, animal, forest, water can't stay on the Earth someday (after 200 years?).

I heard before that the Mars was silimar to the Earth and had water. In case of the Earth's crisis, we may need to move to Mars.

I think that it is be unlikely but not nothing, so I think that we should focus on the Mars investigation or try to find effective solution to save the Earth during the investigation of Mars.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Brit awards - What are they wearing? (Click Jan-Feb 2016)

Many of you may be aware of Mary Glasgow as a publisher, but have you ever heard of Mary Glasgow Magazines? The magazines cover all CEFR bands and targeted mainly for young learners. It is an excellent reading resource for current topics that are exciting and engaging for kids and teens. Plus a subscription comes with a mountain of online resources, videos, competitions, extra news and much, much more! We can't sing enough praise for the magazines at Luna and love using them with our students.

Here are a few videos (courtesy of the Sock Puppets app) Eleanor and Nanako made about what the stars at this year's Brit Awards are wearing in the January-February edition of Click magazine. Watch this space for more content involving Mary Glasgow Magazines!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Who's that girl?

This is a long overdue posting to welcome Martina to our happy Luna family!

And a reminder that it never hurts to ask questions!

Years ago now, I suggested one of my old business English classes for 'hakken' staff might do better studying intensely at a language school in eg Ireland. Long story short, last year he called me asking about how his Italian girlfriend might go about getting a job in Japan. They'd met in Dublin, at a language school, you see!

It has taken a long time, and a few false starts, but we have been finally able to employ 'Marty' for her to put all her training into use. She comes to us with a lovely Cambridge Advanced (CAE) certificate - you know, the one that that really is advanced -  and a CELTA in her pocket. She has been shadowing Jim at the kindy, and following classes at Luna...and dealing with a new life/very cold winter in Matsumoto.

Join us on April 17th at our Cherry Blossom party to welcome her in person, and show her she belongs?!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Apollo 13 - after reading

Marilyn watched the drama of Apollo 13 unfold on TV...
Do you think she wants her husband to go into space again? Why/why not?


The crew of Apollo 13 on board the USS Iwo Jim...
The crew of Apollo 13 on board the USS Iwo Jima following splashdown 
No, I don’t. She doesn’t want her husband to go into space never. I think she may be very worried sick. But if her husband says he wants to go again, I think she can’t say not to go. Because she knows how her husband wants to go to the moon. 

If he goes into space again, she always thinks that the same thing will happen such as Apollo 13. But if she says not to go and her husband decides he won’t go into space again, she has to continue to see her husband repress his feeling. I think it’s not good for each other.

It’s not decided the accident will happen. So if I were her, I want my husband to go there again, and I hope he comes home safely. Of course I am very worry and I always think about him. But I want him to make his dream come true.

Maybe Marilyn has heard the story about her husband’s dream from him many times.  

I think she needs time to sort out her feelings. Soon after he comes home, she doesn’t want him to go there again, but after a few months she can change her mind.

Finally, she will support him, I think.

Sharing a cool share

I love the way you can use this site symbaloo to collate & display a set of stuff - in this case all the Chapters of JALT - in one clickable image. A one-stop page for all your navigations. What do you think?

Monday, 22 February 2016

My favourite survival story

My favorite survival story...Fictional or true, film or book what story of survival do you like it?

I guess many people will raise this masterpiece called, two years vacation by Jules Verne when they hear what your favorite survival story is.
I read it when I was eight years old. Im not sure if schools still do that, but most elementary schools used to sell recommended books before thwy had a long vacation like summer or winter. The direct translation of the survival books title in Japanese is The record for drift by 15 boys. I certainly knew that this should be adventure story.I bought and read it during summer vacation. 

The story is that some students  in New Zealand boarded on schooner. They lost a way because of storm, and landed on Unknown Island. They were confused, but tried to find a way to live in the island by searching it. By gathering their knowledge, they organized the rule to live in the island like a law that adults doThis story also gives us some boys friendship. Some boys arent in good relation, but they overcome by helping each other. 

I think this story has full of excitement, and gives all children dream.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Return to Earth - with a letter in 2129

Dear great-great-grandaughter
Ellen gave Harl a letter to deliver in 2129. Write Ellen's letter.

Dear Harl,

I dont want to say that you were right, but now may have to say that you were. I truly believed that telepath can save our world. I believed that people help each other and have more sympathy. Lately, many young people die. Police determined that its suicide. It is not revealed in the society but I doubt that its because of telepath. I sometimes hear some strange voice in my head. The voice seems like girls voice. She says, You killed people. Because of your project, lots of young people died. I know everything. I know you changed world, and world went wrong because of you. Do you think Im crazy? No, its really somebodys voice, not what I think in my head. Im worried about the world in the future. Can human survive although young people are dying? Can my great-great-granddaughter meet you? Do you remember that you invited me to go to the space with you? I should go with you to see if human can be alive. I will ask my granddaughter to pass this letter to her child, and pass it to you when you come back to earth. I believe you can guide this world to right direction.


Friday, 19 February 2016

My gap year

Imagine you could take a year off work, and do just anything you wanted to do. 

Make a monthly plan.

1st Month: Do nothing
Enjoy normal life. Go walk and sleep in the park and have a good food in Nagano or any other area in Japan.

2nd Month: Go to Europe for sightseeing
Firstly go to England. I want to go to see the Old castles like Edinburgh castle, and also go to see the Stonehenge. After going to watch the soccer game in Manchester, I plan to go to see Big Ben and get the Big eye to see the night scenery in London.
3rd Month: Move to France stay 3 month
Maybe the Paris is convenience to go to travel everywhere in the Europe. I want to stay Paris for 3 month to study French and go to travel lots of Europe countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherland, Finland/Norway and east-Europe countries.
Actually, I wanted to go to Egypt and Turkey before, but these areas are deteriorating condition of public safety. I gave up going there at this time but really wanting to go there in the future after the public safety is kept.

6th Month: Move to Canada and US and stay 3 months
My mother and sister love the Anne of green gables. I also like the story and think I want to see the beautiful scenery someday.
Stay in Boston or New York for a while to study English and enjoy the life in the US.
If I bored to see the famous spot in Boston/NY, I will move to LA and go to Western US areas for sightseeing.
As I never been to San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, I want to go there by train or plane (as I don’t like to drive a car).

9th Month: Move to Australia & New Zealand
Stay in Australia (maybe Sydney?) for study English and enjoy the life in Australia and NZ.
I want to go to Ayers Rock and great barrier leaf to see dolphins, and also want to see the koala bear of course!

10th Month: Move to Asian countries (Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Thai and Vietnam etc)
As one of my best friend in Thai, I want to stay there for 2 months. And go to a lot of Asian countries from there.

12th Month: Return to Japan and do nothing
Enjoy normal life, and prepare for the life of every day working…

Monday, 15 February 2016

After reading - Stories from the Five Towns

How do you usually begin the new year?

On the New Year’s eve, my family usually watch the famous TV show called “Kouhaku Uta Gassen”. It is a music program which has a long history. It is broadcasted until 23:45. Since we go to bed late, we begin the New Year slowly.

I cook “Ozouni” for breakfast. Ozouni is one of traditional dish for New Year. Ozouni soup is made from dried bonito and put rice cakes and various vegetables such as carrots, radish, Japanese mushroom called shiitake, etc. As the rice cake is sticky and chewy, we wish for long life by eating Ozouni.

After we finish the breakfast, we visit our parent’s house for seasonal greeting. The families get together and eat and drink a lot. We usually eat Osechi which is another traditional dish for New Year. The kids get Otoshidama from grandparents and uncle/aunt. Otoshidama is money in the small paper envelop which has the cartoon character. It is a gift from adults during the New Year.

During the New Year holiday, we go to shrine to pray for good luck throughout the year. Every shrine gets crowded with the people and there is a long queue for Omikuji. Omikuji is paper fortune which we can pull out from box. We talk about who has the best luck and buy Omamori which is a charm against bad luck.

After reading – The children of the new forest

Write about a time you have spent on a farm

My family house does not have a farm, but owns a rice field and a field.  They are not huge as they are only for my relative’s eating, not for sale.

In our rice field, rice planting starts in May.  It requires little effort as my father plants rice by a machine.  My mother and I work for washing the plastic cases that rice is planted.  We harvest rice in September or October.  Rice is harvested by a machine, but we have to dry it in the sun as the taste is better than dry in a machine.  It is a very hard work, so my relatives come to help.  We sweat a lot and have a backache.  About one week later, however, we can eat newly harvested rice.  It tastes so good.

In our field, we grow vegetables like potato, cucumber, tomato, eggplant and so on.  In summer, we can gather many cucumber, tomato and eggplant every day, so we are very busy to gather and eat them.  One problem is that the field tends to be overgrown with weeds and there are many mosquitoes.  Once we go to the field wearing a half-sleeve shirt, we are bitten by mosquitoes.  Therefore, we have to wear a long sleeve shirt to go to the field even if it is very hot.

I feel that the harvest of crop is not easy, but it is worth the extra effort.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Colourful crafts - crayon candles

Bubbling away
What's the best way to make use of a drawer full of ancient crayons? Make crayon candles of course! Perfect for brightening up the cold, dark winter nights (we have far too many of those here in Matsumoto!). It's a fun little project you can try at home, and all you need are some crayons (more on crayon selection later on), wax shavings (or bashed up candles work just as well, the smaller the chunks the better), some wicks and some glass jars.

The idea is to melt and combine the crayons and wax together, and pour the mixture into a glass container so you can show off how colourful your candle is. And as for how, it boils down to either nuking the mixture in a microwave (in old Tupperware tubs) or doing it on a hob using a double boiler (empty cans are good as you can just throw them away after use, but be careful with sharp edges). Pretty straight forward, right?

Pink please
A whole afternoon spent trying and failing to melt the crayons proved otherwise. Turns out that the waxy candles we have are almost impossible to melt! The microwave left us with a stink that wafted through the entire first floor, and the crayons refused to melt even after being in a water bath for over half an hour.  Bearing in mind this was after cutting up the crayons into quite small chunks.

This left no options other than to use crayon shavings by grinding them through a crayon sharpener. Turned out to be a huge time sink, but in the end the unmeltable crayon dilemma was resolved. Hurrah! So it goes without saying that using soft and crumbly crayons are an obvious choice when making these candles. Unless you enjoy unnecessary hard work of course.

"How much longer!?"
Once you have your liquid crayon/wax mixture ready, it's a matter of assembling everything together. For the wick, what you want to do it drip a small amount of melted wax into the bottom of your jar, but enough for the wick to stand in it once it sets. This can be a bit fiddly so you can try a small blob of moulding clay instead. Once the wick is set in place, you have to move pretty quickly to pour in the crayon/wax mixture before it cools and sets, whilst simultaneously making sure you don't spill it everywhere, especially on the wick.

Then it's a waiting game for the coloured wax to set. Lower temperatures speed up the setting process ,so using your fridge/freezer is a good option. The really cool thing is that you can make multiple layers with different colours, just by repeating the melting and setting steps. The limiting factor here is time, particularly in the classroom, but if you are at home and time is not a factor, why not trying to using all the colours of the rainbow!!
Stairway to a brighter future

Luckily our students didn't have to endure the gruelling trial and error stage. They were met with a full spread of crayon shavings and wax pieces ready to be transformed into a sum greater than their parts. Everyone spooned in their favourite colour into some old cans, along with a big handful of wax, to be simmered away in the double boiler. 

Whilst waiting for the crayons and wax to melt, hands and minds were kept busy with some decorating. Sure the candles would look perfectly fine in a plain jar, but there's no harm in jazzing them up a bit is there! We used glitter glue to add a bit of sparkle and magic. It's easy to apply, works on most surfaces (even glass) and the kids love using it too. You will also be left with some fabulous fingers.

Damian's little helpers
Then came the eagerly anticipated first layer. It was a bit hectic with 8 students, but we managed to get all 8 jars filled with the correct colours. We then used the left over snow outside to our advantage by burying our candles in it. In the meantime, we got to work on our second layer. The timing seemed all too perfect as the candles had all set by the time round 2 of coloured wax was ready to go. Rinse, repeat and voila! Our very own multi-colour layered candle.

Proud students, impressed mums and big smiles all round. A successful afternoon in my book! Thanks to Yukari for helping out and taking photos.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

New year holiday report

I went to Fukushima last December with my family.
I drove my car to Fukushima.We stayed for five days in my parent's home.
Iwaki city was warmer than Matsumoto city.It was very comfortable.
During the day we went shopping,saw my cousins or friends.
Also we went to the sea. Especially for me, the sea is very important place. 
At night we had dinner that my mother made. 
We enjoyed talking and had a lot of drinks. 
In the daytime, I bought jeans and sweets. 
We had a relaxing and comfortable time. 
I was able to skip mother's work for 5 days. 
Probrems?  No, I didn't have any Probrems. 
But I was surprised that my same age friend birthed her fourth baby!

After reading - a trip to England

I visited England about 20 years old with my husband. First we went to London, next day we went to lake district.

When we stayed B and B in the lake district we walked around the lake, town, and country side. There were very beautiful gardens and flowers.

Then we went to York. We went York cathedral. There is a helitage under the cathedral!

I can't forget the pizza!! We ate the pizza in York old street. It was wonderful! It was the best pizza in my life!

We walked around the Roman wall of York. So we came back to London and watched London town shopping Bond Street, and New Bond street is very exciting! Because there are many brand shops! (But I don;t have enough money)

My daughter is going to go to England 2 years later. I want to she enjoy and study many things of England.

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Friday, 5 February 2016

How to walk safely in the mountains - a student's report

English: Mountains in the Japanese North Alps ...
Japanese North Alps seen from the top of Mount Tsurugi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You may think walking in the mountains is safe and fun. That's what I thought until I went hiking in the Japanese Alps.

Walking in the mountains could be a very long way. So don't forget to take enough water and food. You should chocolate, bananas and energy bars.

Going on a kike without any equipment is dangerous. Make sure you have a compass, map, torch, first aid kit, a whistle for when you get lost, bells on your bag to scare bears away, mobile telephone, matches, cigarette lighter, and toilet paper just in case.

 The weather in the mountains changes very fast, so you should take spare warm clothes, waterproofs, hat, gloves, sunglasses and spare socks. You should also wear worn-in, comfortable hiking boots because the path might be rocky.

Never forget to plan the route, then you won't get lost. Tell your mates and rangers when and where you are going, and when you'll be back. This is crucial! Make sure you don't walk too far in a day, as you'll get too tired to walk the next day. Finally, check the weather forecast in advance.

English: Toilet paper, orientation "over&...
Just in case
The last and most important thing is to enjoy yourself, and walk safely.


After reading - the true villain

I think the true villain of story was the Duke of Holdernesse. He had deep darkness.The Duke talked to Sherlock Homes to own story.

"When I was a young man. I was in love . I wanted her to be my wife . but she died. She left me this one child. and I loved him because of her. But a goverment minister cannot tell the world about a love-child like this. so to the world ,James is my young secretary, not my son"

Mr James knows that the Duke is his father.and He hate the Duchess and hates his younger son Arthur. Arthur has everything, Arther has a name. a famous father, house, money, everything. James has nothing. and he wants to be the Duke of Holderness one day. That‘s not possible. of course,but James can`t understand

And next he kidnaped his younger son Arthur with Hayes. and unhappy the German teacher followed them. so someone killed him. Hayers? James? Of couse James was a bad boy. Hayes was bad person too! But really, The cause of the kidnapping and murder was the Duke` self-defense. I think so! 

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

After reading - a heartfelt letter

I write to you Josef, that your wife is dead.
On Christmas night the guards shot her on the road at the border. She carried Pavel on her back.
I loved my daughter very much.But luckily for your son Pavel was alive. 
You have Jan, and a new life in England.I was very sad and lonely to hear that she was dead. But if it is possible, please come back. 
I want to grow up two grandchildren together.I am lonely. I love my grandchildren Pavel and Jan very much too. I am sorry, I did not like you Josef till now. Please come back, Josef. 


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My holiday report

popular pancakes of Hokkaido
I went to Chitose-city, Hokkaido with my family in December. We flew to Chitose with Fuji Dream Airlines.
We stayed for six days in house of mother-in-law. My daughter had a good time because there was a trampoline for children, a massage chair (she likes this very much!) , and stuffed toy which talked.
During our stay, we went to the department store. We bought toys for our daughter, and we went to go eat popular pancakes. Another day, we went to Snow Land in Chitose. We enjoyed tube sledding. On December 31, we had delicious foods of the last day of year. Sushi, Crab (“Kegani”), wine and so on.
We had a great time. It was good that I could meet my husband’s family, and foods of Hokkaido were wonderful.
But we only had a problem: there was little snow, so we could not play much with the snow.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

After-reading - film review of Elizabeth

In England, in the 16th century there was a big conflict between old religion and new religion, Catholicism and Protestantism. English Queen Mary at that time oppressed Protestantism and confined Elizabeth (Kate Blanchett) of the Protestant, sister by a different mother, to the Tower of London.

However Queen Mary died from an illness soon. Elizabeth succeeded to the throne as English Queen at 25 years old. England faced a crisis. The chief minister suggested New Queen to marry the Lord Anjou (French King Henry Ⅲ) or the Spanish King to get through a difficult situation. .Elizabeth was often meeting with Robert Dudley (Joseph Fiennes) secretly, so she didn’t agree it.

The domestic finance of England was tight, furthermore England lost for war with Scotland. Elizabeth got Protestant Walsingham (Geoffrey Rush) to her side and decided to unify country in Protestantism. The Pope got angry, Protestant inside and outside never accepted the policy. The situation surround England was getting worse and worse, until an assassination of Elizabeth was attempted.

To break a situation, Walsingham assassinated Scottish Queen Mary who was a strong Catholic. Elizabeth knew Robert had a wife. Elizabeth arrested main Catholisism groups and executed them. Elizabeth had her hair cut and declared in front of the people that she would marry nation.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Plenty to do in Matsumoto: Karen's report

English: Matsumoto City Museum of Art in Matsu...
Matsumoto City Museum of Art
What can visitors do in my home city?

  • You can visit Matsumoto City Art Gallery because it has a lot of pieces of work by Kusama Yayoi and other artists. You can see her art outside, a spotty Coca Cola machine, and a spotty bus too.
  • I recommend Joyama Park because it has a lot of beautiful cherry blossom trees, and you can see wonderful views of Matsumoto and the tall mountains.
  • I recommend eating soba in a restaurant called kawa-fune, near the castle. Soba is locally made grey noodles. You can eat them hot or cold - I prefer them cold.
  • You must visit Matsumoto Castle, because it is a National Treasure. It has a long history, and there are many events there eg an Ice Festival in January, a Kendo competition in November, a Craft Beer Festival in August...
  • Nawate Street is next to the Metoba River, and is good for shopping, eating Tayaki (from the Furusato shop), and beautiful views. You can have a coffee & pastry in Sweets, a bakery.
  • Nakamachi is good for souvenir shopping in unique stores, there's a morning market on Saturdays, and it has a lot of restaurants.
  • The film 'Orange' was filmed at the historic Agata-no-Mori building, where there is also a lovely park.