Monday, 22 February 2016

My favourite survival story

My favorite survival story...Fictional or true, film or book what story of survival do you like it?

I guess many people will raise this masterpiece called, two years vacation by Jules Verne when they hear what your favorite survival story is.
I read it when I was eight years old. Im not sure if schools still do that, but most elementary schools used to sell recommended books before thwy had a long vacation like summer or winter. The direct translation of the survival books title in Japanese is The record for drift by 15 boys. I certainly knew that this should be adventure story.I bought and read it during summer vacation. 

The story is that some students  in New Zealand boarded on schooner. They lost a way because of storm, and landed on Unknown Island. They were confused, but tried to find a way to live in the island by searching it. By gathering their knowledge, they organized the rule to live in the island like a law that adults doThis story also gives us some boys friendship. Some boys arent in good relation, but they overcome by helping each other. 

I think this story has full of excitement, and gives all children dream.

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