Saturday, 27 February 2016

Five Famous Fairy Stories - After reading

Five Famous Fairy Stories – Tell the story of a fairy tale from Japan

My family name is Takeuchi and spells "bamboo" and "inside" in Chinese characters. So, I will write the story "Taketorimonogatari" which a girl found in bamboo takes precedence.
Long, long ago in a certain placeLong ago, an old couple lived in a village.
The old man went to his mountain to cut bamboo and take them in his house.

One day, when the old man found the bamboo which a part of a bamboo was shining.
When he cut the bamboo which was shining, nervously, he found a little baby inside the bamboo.
The old couple raised the baby like their daughter, and their daughter became very beautiful lady.

 After the old man found the baby, many happy things happened and they became a rich and could raise her.
Some men asked the old couple to marry her.
So, the beautiful daughter called "Kaguyahime" set a hard task to those men to bring rare thing which Kaguyahime selected.
Kaguyahime asked a man to go to India and bring a stone bowl which Buddha used. The tasks instructed by Kaguyahime were very hard for them.

So, they brought a fake and they couldn't marry her.

One day, the Kaguyahime shed tears and told to the old couple that she wanted to stay here forever, but a group from the moon would come here and she needed to go back to the moon with them.
The old couple wanted to keep the Kaguyahime here, so asked many people to chase off the group from the moon.
But, they didn't have an ounce of strength and coudn't protect her.
The Kaguyahime gave the kimono which was wearing to the old couple to say her thanks to the old couple.