Sunday, 21 February 2016

Return to Earth - with a letter in 2129

Dear great-great-grandaughter
Ellen gave Harl a letter to deliver in 2129. Write Ellen's letter.

Dear Harl,

I dont want to say that you were right, but now may have to say that you were. I truly believed that telepath can save our world. I believed that people help each other and have more sympathy. Lately, many young people die. Police determined that its suicide. It is not revealed in the society but I doubt that its because of telepath. I sometimes hear some strange voice in my head. The voice seems like girls voice. She says, You killed people. Because of your project, lots of young people died. I know everything. I know you changed world, and world went wrong because of you. Do you think Im crazy? No, its really somebodys voice, not what I think in my head. Im worried about the world in the future. Can human survive although young people are dying? Can my great-great-granddaughter meet you? Do you remember that you invited me to go to the space with you? I should go with you to see if human can be alive. I will ask my granddaughter to pass this letter to her child, and pass it to you when you come back to earth. I believe you can guide this world to right direction.


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