Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Apollo 13 - after reading

Marilyn watched the drama of Apollo 13 unfold on TV...
Do you think she wants her husband to go into space again? Why/why not?


The crew of Apollo 13 on board the USS Iwo Jim...
The crew of Apollo 13 on board the USS Iwo Jima following splashdown 
No, I don’t. She doesn’t want her husband to go into space never. I think she may be very worried sick. But if her husband says he wants to go again, I think she can’t say not to go. Because she knows how her husband wants to go to the moon. 

If he goes into space again, she always thinks that the same thing will happen such as Apollo 13. But if she says not to go and her husband decides he won’t go into space again, she has to continue to see her husband repress his feeling. I think it’s not good for each other.

It’s not decided the accident will happen. So if I were her, I want my husband to go there again, and I hope he comes home safely. Of course I am very worry and I always think about him. But I want him to make his dream come true.

Maybe Marilyn has heard the story about her husband’s dream from him many times.  

I think she needs time to sort out her feelings. Soon after he comes home, she doesn’t want him to go there again, but after a few months she can change her mind.

Finally, she will support him, I think.

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