Sunday, 28 February 2016

Apollo13 - After reading

Man has not walked on the moon for nearly 50 years.
Should we try to return there? Why/why not?

I think we should go to the moon again. The current state is just like that Japan used to be sealed off to the outside world before.

We should go out of the earth more. It's a fact that Japan maturated its culture by the national isolation for several years, but it is also a fact that Japan lost more chance to innovate the new technology by the national isolation.

We have ever progressed our technology for fifty years. We will be able to go to the moon more easily and more safely. Now, we may obtain what we cannot obtain fifty years ago there. I think we should go to not only the moon but also the other planet. It may take so long time to go there. It may also has a lot of danger. But we should aspire it. If we stuck inside the inner, we will lead to a dead end.

The world now has a lot of problems like the energy issues, food issues, terrorism and so on. We may be able to find the solution by going there.

This is now no time to engage in warfare or make terrorist acts in the earth. We should think to concentrate our efforts over the world in order to go to a lot of planet . We should aspire the space.