Saturday, 6 February 2016

New year holiday report

I went to Fukushima last December with my family.
I drove my car to Fukushima.We stayed for five days in my parent's home.
Iwaki city was warmer than Matsumoto city.It was very comfortable.
During the day we went shopping,saw my cousins or friends.
Also we went to the sea. Especially for me, the sea is very important place. 
At night we had dinner that my mother made. 
We enjoyed talking and had a lot of drinks. 
In the daytime, I bought jeans and sweets. 
We had a relaxing and comfortable time. 
I was able to skip mother's work for 5 days. 
Probrems?  No, I didn't have any Probrems. 
But I was surprised that my same age friend birthed her fourth baby!