Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Who's that girl?

This is a long overdue posting to welcome Martina to our happy Luna family!

And a reminder that it never hurts to ask questions!

Years ago now, I suggested one of my old business English classes for 'hakken' staff might do better studying intensely at a language school in eg Ireland. Long story short, last year he called me asking about how his Italian girlfriend might go about getting a job in Japan. They'd met in Dublin, at a language school, you see!

It has taken a long time, and a few false starts, but we have been finally able to employ 'Marty' for her to put all her training into use. She comes to us with a lovely Cambridge Advanced (CAE) certificate - you know, the one that that really is advanced -  and a CELTA in her pocket. She has been shadowing Jim at the kindy, and following classes at Luna...and dealing with a new life/very cold winter in Matsumoto.

Join us on April 17th at our Cherry Blossom party to welcome her in person, and show her she belongs?!