Thursday, 4 February 2016

My holiday report

popular pancakes of Hokkaido
I went to Chitose-city, Hokkaido with my family in December. We flew to Chitose with Fuji Dream Airlines.
We stayed for six days in house of mother-in-law. My daughter had a good time because there was a trampoline for children, a massage chair (she likes this very much!) , and stuffed toy which talked.
During our stay, we went to the department store. We bought toys for our daughter, and we went to go eat popular pancakes. Another day, we went to Snow Land in Chitose. We enjoyed tube sledding. On December 31, we had delicious foods of the last day of year. Sushi, Crab (“Kegani”), wine and so on.
We had a great time. It was good that I could meet my husband’s family, and foods of Hokkaido were wonderful.
But we only had a problem: there was little snow, so we could not play much with the snow.


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