Wednesday, 3 February 2016

After-reading - film review of Elizabeth

In England, in the 16th century there was a big conflict between old religion and new religion, Catholicism and Protestantism. English Queen Mary at that time oppressed Protestantism and confined Elizabeth (Kate Blanchett) of the Protestant, sister by a different mother, to the Tower of London.

However Queen Mary died from an illness soon. Elizabeth succeeded to the throne as English Queen at 25 years old. England faced a crisis. The chief minister suggested New Queen to marry the Lord Anjou (French King Henry Ⅲ) or the Spanish King to get through a difficult situation. .Elizabeth was often meeting with Robert Dudley (Joseph Fiennes) secretly, so she didn’t agree it.

The domestic finance of England was tight, furthermore England lost for war with Scotland. Elizabeth got Protestant Walsingham (Geoffrey Rush) to her side and decided to unify country in Protestantism. The Pope got angry, Protestant inside and outside never accepted the policy. The situation surround England was getting worse and worse, until an assassination of Elizabeth was attempted.

To break a situation, Walsingham assassinated Scottish Queen Mary who was a strong Catholic. Elizabeth knew Robert had a wife. Elizabeth arrested main Catholisism groups and executed them. Elizabeth had her hair cut and declared in front of the people that she would marry nation.

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